Shack News Killer Instinct review: Combo Broken

Killer Instinct is built on a bedrock of rock-paper-scissors combat. While the game's exterior boasts flashy multi-hit combos and keen special moves, the foundation centers around counters, making it more a game of cat-and-mouse, rather than a race to brutalize the opponent. It's a formula that may entice veterans, but might also chase off newcomers.

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likeaboss3021823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Another review saying it's a good fighting game that could become a great one once more content is released. However, it's important to have a solid fighting mechanics and it seems like DH delivered.

I'd like to see this one reviewed again after Season 1 is completed early next year.

pacostacos1823d ago

yeah the game is getting hammered for lack of content but its mechanics are being praised... i really hope this game is successful so MS can bring other Rare franchises back... fantastic job DH!

Belking1823d ago

oh, this game will be successful. Killer instinct has a very deep and complex combo system. The problem with most first time players is that they try to play it the same way they play other fighting games, and it doesn't work so well. I do think the game will do well though. I'm sure we will be getting characters well into next year. I am hearing rumors about a possible Kameo and Banjo game coming from Rare too. Kameo is the strongest possibility out of the two though.

Drekken1823d ago

I don't think 7/10 is "getting hammered".

nasnas761822d ago

It's basically a $20 game, can pay more for different levels. People treating it like a $60 game, I guess that also means it's quality enough to be a $60 game. Lots of gaming vets have played it and like what they've seen already. I'll sure be paying the full $40 price tag (comes with everything minus collector's extras)

insomnium21822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


Won't all the extra seasons make this a 60$ game?

If this game had the content of a full game and the price of a 1/3 of a game THEN you would have a point.

nasnas761822d ago

No, it's $20 for the full game. If you want everything it's $40. So it's still 1/3 the cost. If you consider it a $40 game then compare it to a $60 game with $15-30+ extra for all the digital accessories as well.

$0 single rotating character

$5 per character

$20 all 8 characters

$40 above + all accessory packs, costumes, and the original Killer Instinct games

$60 "collector's edition", above + physical pins and a case

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mhunterjr1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

In surprised it's getting just 7's for lack of content, considering it only costs $20. (How much content do you expect for $20?) That said, it sounds like the gameplay is killer, so it the game will only get better with the addition of characters and modes.

Pintheshadows1823d ago

7 is a good score though. I don't like this trend of considering anything under a 9 a bad game.

mhunterjr1823d ago

7 is a decent score. It just seems the only knock on it is content... Which doesn't seem fair because it isn't full priced.

likeaboss3021823d ago

Yeah, every review I've read so far says the game play is solid. The complaint is that they just want more content to play. Not the worst problem to have. It could be like Resident Evil 6 where you get a ton of content but bad game play.

kewlkat0071823d ago

I will get this game but I wanna hear from the fighting genre community..most of the time I'm not sure who reveiws these games good score but could be a solid 8.5 with content...

fardan851823d ago

Well, I've posted my opinion about the game on IGN review. At the end it's only opinion.
I hear that it's F2P, so just download it and try it.
How the game will affect the fighting is community is to be seen, But to be honest I don't think it will have a huge effect.
I hope the game sees a massive success to ensure the survival of the IP.

GiantEnemyCrab1823d ago

So another review bagging on the content like this game is $60 launch title. As far as the genre goes I don't know what more you want from the game. It is a hardcore fighter and like the review says it's not for newbies. Nothing wrong with that, you can play Injustice if you are a newb.

Already got my copy free copy from the XBL Day One Gold sub with the exclusive Jango character.

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