Dead Rising 3 Open World Gameplay

Gametrailers: We slice, hammer and run down waves of zombies in this open world gameplay footage from Dead Rising 3.

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Dragonborn3121852d ago

Awesome! The electric crusher is a lot of fun to use. The short time I played with it was great.

CramShaft1852d ago

I've seen you on a lot of the DR3 threads...I guess it's safe to say you are really looking forward to this game. This is definitely my most anticipated game for launch and the more I see and hear about it, the more I like it. See you at the after party!

Dragonborn3121852d ago

Haha yeah I have been posting a lot on the dead rising 3 article threads. It is my most anticipated launch game. I got to play it and it was a blast. I should probably calm down on my commenting though haha. I hope you really enjoy the game! See you at the after party as well!

JokesOnYou1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Damm time seems like it's standing still because the wait is getting harder and harder seeing X1 games all over the place, shiii I wish I could go to sleep and wake up Nov 21st 11:45 pm, just enough time to drive to Best Buy and pickup my X1, no shower, no woman, off Friday too wooohooo!, so just leave me the hell alone for the long weekend.

timlot1852d ago

Game has a Metacritic higher than Killzon SF right now. I'm shocked.

B-radical1852d ago

I didn't expect it to get higher then killzone also tbh

sourav931852d ago

May I ask what Killzone SF has to do with this article?

sergons1852d ago

Dat next gen graphics...

malokevi1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Dat FUN!

A turd sandwich covered in mayo still tastes like turd once you take a bite.

... =)

chiefconcern1852d ago

Seriously can't wait to play this one.

supraking9511852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

This game should be on 360 instead. Ill wait for 1080p version on another next gen console. Thanks Capcom and your glorious ways

christocolus1852d ago


That will be a long wait.....lmao..

Golden_Mud1852d ago

You mean if Capcom is ready to risk more than it already did ??? this game is being funded by Microsoft so even if Capcom got there hands on the title , there still gonna need to fund it to bring it on other consoles , they are already in a bankruptcy state

rela82me1852d ago

Well I wish I could say that we'll miss you, but I'd be lying.

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