Gran Turismo 6 to Release as 15GB Digital Download, Buy In-Game Credits with Cash

Sony Europe confirms that you’ll be able to download GT6 directly from the PlayStation Store and purchase in-game credits with real cash.

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PoSTedUP1849d ago

hopefully the Game Genie works, after im done with the game there is Nothing like having 999,999,999C to do whatever you want with. brings me back to GT1&2 with the GameShark when i was a kid.

Marcello1849d ago

Oh no i dont like the idea of buying ingame credits at all sounds like there taking a leaf out of EA`s books. I just hope earning the cash ingame hasnt been made harder because of this.

bobsmith1849d ago

OMG i want the digital version way more than disc will it be for uS too day 1??

bobsmith1849d ago

i hope US doesnt have to wait forever for digital like god of war ascention..

yewles11849d ago

Thankfully it's an option for the currency, as some of us don't don't really consider heavy duty competing and like to take our time earning cars.

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