PS4 takes London... UK Countdown

After seeing the US blow the doors off the whole console launch thing with over a million PS4's being sold in one day - we're now fast approaching the UK (and wider Euro) launch

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Abash1852d ago

Beautiful image. Can't wait for UK gamers to enjoy the PlayStation 4, it's unbelievable

Lunarassassin1851d ago

10 days... *sits in chair slowly rocking*
No but seriously, in my 15 years of console gaming i have never been more excited for a release.
I'm not looking foward to the launch line up too much, but i have to say Infamous: Second Son has to be the best game i have ever seen and i'm sure there will be plenty more to come.

tigertron1851d ago

Nearly nine days now. :D

Bio_Mod1851d ago

Soon............. Got a processing email from shop to earlier :D

Mikelarry1851d ago

same really cant wait. hopefully shoptpo dispatches early

skoorydook1851d ago

Local Game store, midnight launch, long weekend booked off work oh yes gonna be good

cleric201851d ago

Am so excited... Going to be interesting to see if PS4 can reclaim the UK for Playstation!? Midnight launch at Game for me - WarThunder Warframe Resogun COD: Ghosts and Need For Speed for sure!!

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