16BitKings - Xbox One Hands-On – Ryse: Son of Rome

"Although the game looked graphically impressive (something we have come to expect from the folk over at Crytek), it previewed badly and wasn’t a title that was going to increase pre-order numbers for the console. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this game, so what have Crytek done to improve their offering?"

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Stuntz1856d ago

Ryse is just beautiful really came a long way from the first showing. I expect ryse to do awesome definitely on my day one list can't wait to play it.

Dragonborn3121856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

I completely agree. The combat is actually pretty deep for a hack and slasher and I think it will make for a fun launch game that really shows next gen power. The short time I played with it was fun and gorgeous.

malokevi1856d ago

Look at this:

And gape at the visual awesomeness that is next-gen.
Try not to crap yourself.

Yourpapa1856d ago

Cant wait! So pumped for Xbox One since day 1 information. And now look at Ryse. I mean it's like a big facial for all the people that were hating over and over last months.

DigitalRaptor1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

People were hating for the absolutely bland, uninspired and jagged gameplay. And the fact that Crytek has always verified this with their MO which reads style over substance.

I would wait for the reviews later in the week if I were you. I think there's a pretty clear reason why the embargo for Ryse is later in the week.

Bigpappy1856d ago

Come on, I know you have heard of this thing call the console war. That has a lot to do with the majority of the negativity you see around here.

Gozer1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

A known sony troll telling people not to buy the best looking next gen title to date because its on Xbox?Ill be buying Ryse regardless of the sony fanboy campaign to tarnish this title, regardless of reviews, regardless of what anyone says. Its just too beautiful to ignore.

Ive heard this title compares to Batman gameplay wise. So it should be pretty good. Compound that with its visuals and I think I will enjoy Ryse.

DigitalRaptor1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

@ Gozer

Did i tell you not to buy it? That's your discretion. I'm buying Killzone: SF despite the fact that people think a 7/10 makes a bad game, and despite the fact that most reviewers ignored its multiplayer, which is 50% of the game.

See what i'm saying? I talk about the gameplay and you focus on the graphics. I know Ryse looks visually impressive. So does inFamous: Second Son. So does Killzone: Shadow Fall. So does The Order: 1886. If you think there is a "Sony fanboy campaign" against Ryse, you're only looking at half of the picture, sadly. Why? Well you're conveniently ignoring all the negative press the game has got for its... gameplay, and many other aspects aside from... its graphics. IGN's "boring", GameInformer's "fun as dialling a phone number", Destructoid's "mess".

Ryse looks like it has been influenced by Batman's combat, but in a way that is less polished, more janky and less varied by a long shot. Batman has the exploring, it has the puzzle solving, it has the detective angle and a much wider play space.

Again, I'm not saying you can't enjoy it. Many gamers seem to be enjoying Knack. I'm just being realistic here.

Yourpapa1856d ago

Well, yes the gameplay was under fire the whole time but I read a few previews where some serious people played the game and said that the gameplay is not like you've seen in the very first show where everything QTE. Actually the gameplay should be really strong, deep and good. But look there were also haters according to the power of the Xbox One and that's what I mean when you look Ryse Gameplay in true HD. No doubt this is Next Gen and it sticks with the PS4 launch titles. Next Gen on both consoles will be amazing.

objdadon1856d ago

Looks like something I'll get bored of immediately

TruthInsider 1856d ago

Kills me to say it, being a PS fan but that looks absolutely amazing!

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