The Wii U One Year Later: The Sweet Moves and Fatal Mistakes

Now to give Nintendo some credit, consoles usually take time to pick up after its launch. Despite this, the time that the Wii U starts to pick up might be too late.

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thomasmiller1853d ago

yeah and let's see what happens to the ps4, and x box one, remember the 3ds? and look where it is today, nothing is for sure and it is never too late, just ask the 3ds.

DualPixels1853d ago

True. The 3DS started from Pilot Wings and StreetFighter 3D and look at it now; however, it didn't have two HUGE competitors going up against it. The Vita had it from the hardware aspect but from a library aspect? The Vita never had anything on the 3DS so you can't compare the two. I don't think the Wii U will fail, but its going to deal some damage to Nintendo.

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alphaomega881853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I am just curious...what does the PS4(or maybe what do you think) have 'over' or 'on' the Wii U exactly, other than hype? Games? No. Online? Pay vs free? What about functions? Interet? Wii U beats everything. Hulu? Netflix? Wii U has them. Sharing on facebook? Wii U has miiverse. I am just at a loss as to what people think the mass market is gonna see thats gonna scream "PS4 is awesomesauce, Wii U sucks and doomed"...whatever it is, I fail to see it. I think once the hardcore get their preferred console, they are all gonna hit their own wall...Then what? I will tell you:

All the articles asking/declaring: Is console gaming finally coming to an end?

wonderfulmonkeyman1853d ago

Having competitors isn't really a good point, though.
Even without competitors, if there's no good games for a system, people will sooner go without the system than pick one up just because it's all that's out there.
The same holds true for the Wii U; even with competitors out there, if there's enough games to make people say "Hey, that's three or four games worth having, with more surely on the way, and it's a cheap buy!", then it's going to get those sales regardless of competition.
Nintendo systems have been "companion" systems for the past two or three generations now, and for good reason; even if they're not the primary console of a gamer, they're still always going to get games worth having sooner or later.

DualPixels1853d ago

In reply to @alphaomega I don't think that the other consoles have anything "over" the Wii U. While they may have better specs, it is because the OS and other things are more demanding, so it needs that increase. The Wii U isn't as demanding, thus it doesn't need higher specs, and in the end it saves money. So if anything I think the Wii U has that "over" the other consoles. Don't get me wrong, I am not some COD junkie who says that shooters are the best and Nintendo is for kids. If anything I am a borderline Nintendo fanboy.

alphaomega881853d ago

Ok, to that extent I agree...I think people understimate what the Wii U can do, and more importantly will do with the power it has. Off the shelf pc parts says to me 75+% potential day one, leaving little room for anything grandly different by the end. Custom parts made by Nintendo say to me 25+% potential day one, which leaves lots of room for improvement. Am I right? Who knows. Time will tell. But the games built for the system look gorgeous, and developers saying they have only tapped one core of three seems promising to me.

That said, paper specs will always be the be all, end all of gaming apparently, but as I recall the gamecube was putting out games on par with the best of xbox(some would say better, Metroid and RE:4 come to mind), yet the xbox on paper was much more powerful than the gamecube. Just saying. Nintendo and co. clearly understands how to use compression, memory, and gpu's to their full extent(again, mario galaxy and xenoblade come to mind), not to mention their games are some of the most stable out there, so I hardly see power as a problem.

I would just like to say I have no problem with the other consoles(do I think they are overhyped for being essentially ps3.5 types? yes.). But in the end they will likely have some gems to play. Me personally, my problem is with the companies, their philosophies, moneygrubbing everything, and people who think thats great. Bc I dont understand how free online, very little yet meaningful dlc, trying to innovate, and making quality games time and again(plus bc with controllers and games, which says we value you as a consumer) could ever be construed as a bad thing...

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Blu5in2wO40e1853d ago

I believe the "fatal mistake" was not taking advantage of the 1 yr headstart as the true next gen system, in terms of power/performance. I love the gamepad, however, I feel it should have been sold separately, like the Wii balance board. Ninty could have made their money back with this method, (Sony & MS have paid online)and IMO would have been successful. Would have started as a 1st party peripheral, then slowly implemented into future skus. This would have put Ninty in a better position to compete. $350 deluxe NSMBU w/XB1 level graphics would have been perfect. Nintendoland and gamepad sold separately for $100.

wonderfulmonkeyman1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

The game pad isn't the issue.
In fact, it's the only thing saving it from becoming another "plain" console that has to struggle with being exactly the same as its competition, only with weaker specs, which would, in the end, pretty much doom the Wii U a lot faster than keeping the pad as a mandatory part of the pack-in of the console and of its games.

No, what hurt the Wii U's first year, was a combination of three things:

#3 Poor advertisement.
#2 Not enough big-name first-party titles to make fans want the system.
#1 Most prominently, Nintendo allowed specific AAA third parties to take the lazy way out by doing incredibly shitty ports of old games, at high prices and with missing content or better alternatives/versions on other systems, that most Nintendo gamers[due to being multiplatform gamers] had already played before, instead of telling them they should be making brand-new experiences that would take full advantage of the system's capabilities.
Games focused on core gamers.
Games that were properly optimized for the system so that they didn't have frame-rate and texture issues all over the damned place.

Out of the three, not putting a choke-hold of quality control on third party titles was what hurt Wii U's reputation the most.
They did more damage to Nintendo's next-gen head-start reputation than Nintendo themselves did, and Nintendo should have said "no" to these games instead of allowing it for the sake of kissing some corporate ass.
Better to have a very small selection of third party titles that will be remembered as gems worth owning, than a bunch of old shovelware that we've all played on PS360 before now....

alphaomega881853d ago

Everyone jumping around, 'the ps4 sold 1 million in 24 hours, its gonna outsell the Wii U before the year is over'...yet its the beginning, it has no games(same thing everyone accused the Wii U of), and at this point really offers nothing that a ps3 cant do, yet the Wii U has a good price and bundles, good games out and more coming soon, and is finally starting to find some I hardly think its too late, I think the media hype is off the charts with doom, so lets see what happens...