Gran Turismo 6 - Preview (GamesBeat)

Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital has been steadily bridging the gap between what fans of racing games could consider simulation and what’s in an undergraduate engineering course. Gran Turismo 6 blurs the distinction even further by bringing both sides — the game maker and the car maker — together, and sooner than ever before.

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LouisGarcia1770d ago

I love collecting cars in this series, but find the actual racing quite boring. Mario Kart for life.

PoSTedUP1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

lol. just as long as you support/buy the game no one cares, now be a good little boy and let the men do their tuning and "vroom vroom" around the racing track, k?

on topic: did you read that!? its gonna be crazy, man! new partnerships giving better/more advice on the tire and suspension, taking in more feedback from the fans on forums, it really looks like its gonna be one hell of a leap, i hope the interface is smooth and easy to navigate.

JeffGrubb1770d ago

I think I might finally get into sim racing pretty soon.

VonBraunschweigg1770d ago

Do yourself a favour and invest in a wheel, the Logitech GT wheel is pretty good and affordable. Looks good too. Next, a wheelstand, Fanatec has a good one. Simracing, rally, arcade, you will be glad you bought it all once the race starts, every single time:)

kenthegreat11770d ago

Oh, look at what didn't make it to the PS4 launch :|

Tolkoto1770d ago

I don't even think it's a PS4 game.

Hicken1770d ago

Sony must be stupid. Why wouldn't they force a PS3 game to launch for the PS4? They should've done like Microsoft and pushed development of all current gen games to the next gen hardware.

What were they thinking, not leaving the PS3 barren while they launched their new console not everybody is gonna be able to pick up soon?

Knushwood Butt1770d ago

Worst attempt at trolling I've seen for quite some time.

ironmonkey1770d ago

Is that why forza 5 doesn't look next gen?

solidboss071770d ago

Wasn't much of a preview.

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