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CoD vs Mario: Who has innovated the most? | Nerdtastic - ScrewAttack

In an industry riddle with Sequelitis, who of the two largest franchises has innovated the most? (Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Industry, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D World)

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MONKEYDLUFFY  +   369d ago
Is this even a question? Mario cannot leave the door unless it has changed enough to get Miyamotos seal of approval
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aiBreeze  +   368d ago
The saddest thing about this is that initially the comparison seems stupid however the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Mario has had such an influence over the years and is one of the most iconic figures in entertainment history however COD's influence over the modern era of gaming can't be downplayed. Love it or hate it, it's success is unrivaled and has completely redefined (for better or worse) a genre.
EcoSos3  +   369d ago
"you might be playing the same level over and over again but every single time you play the level its a different game"

No wonder Activision keep selling the same rehash games lol
The_KELRaTH  +   368d ago
Cod is just a basic copy of other fps games - certainly no innovations. You got to wonder about some ppl!
WeAreLegion  +   368d ago
Mario has innovated in platformers.

Call of Duty innovated in FPS's. (COD 1, 2, and 4 only)
n4f  +   368d ago
the difference is that mario kept on innovating.
whereas cod stopped after cod4
WeAreLegion  +   368d ago
Yeah. Different teams, sadly. :/ Luckily, most of the original guys are still innovating...with Titanfall.
Wni0  +   368d ago
Call of duty has been more influential this generation, with the FPS genre imitating CoD4s innovations, where as Mario has been outshined by the Journeys/Braids/Limbos/Raymans .
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   368d ago
Call me back when CoD's soldiers can pull off a cat suit without being laughed off the field of battle by their own squads, let alone their enemies.XD [Oh, and just to satiate the people who'll downvote me due to thinking I'm clowning on their precious CoD: I bought Ghosts and I'm happy with it. :P ]
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WeAreLegion  +   368d ago
To be completely honest, that leveling and XP system introduced in COD4 showed up in Battlefield 2 first.
RAFFwaff  +   368d ago
Put simply, call of duty would have to 'change dimension' (4d??) to even be considered as innovative as mario has been over the years. Nintendo constantly attempt to add new innovation ideas to mario (some quantum leaps in game design, some minor tweaks), while activisions first directive to infinity ward/treyarch is definitely not pleas for innovation. A creaky engine and same scripted on rails events sell. In business terms, WHY innovate? Which is why i would always trust in the gaming heritage/pedigree of nintendo franchises over money whores activision and e.a.
johny5  +   368d ago
Mario innovated and practically invented the platformer
COD is just an evolution of games like Doom and Goldeneye and almost a direct copy of EAs BLACK for the ps2.
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baraka007  +   368d ago

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