Dead Rising 3 - Xbox One Review (GamesBeat)

Los Perdidos is bigger than anything Dead Rising has seen before.

The city in this Xbox One launch game from Microsoft Games Studio and Capcom Vancouver is gigantic, bigger than every area in the first two games put together — and it’s teeming with zombies. It’s full of side missions and weapon-crafting, all of which makes Dead Rising 3 an ambitious evolution of the cult-favorite hack-and-slash action franchise.

While the difficulty curve is shot and a city this big should never lack a fast travel system, Dead Rising 3 stands out among Xbox One launch titles as a solid adventure with the potential for hours of gameplay.

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LouisGarcia1853d ago

I'm not a big fan of this series, but I'm interested in seeing the scope of the city.

thrust1853d ago

Good score, I want all th Xbox one games now :( my bank!

AngelicIceDiamond1853d ago

I wasn't worried about DR getting a bad score since its a well known franchise. I'm more interested in seeing Ryse Son Of Rome review scores.

Rocky51853d ago

Can't wait for DR3, should be sent out in a few days! Also can't wait for Ryse that game (to me) looks amazing graphically & I like the hack'n'slash games, mindless fun.

Bennibop1853d ago

Seems they are happy to forgive the games terrible frame rate issues

4logpc1853d ago

Oh you mean the one that's fixed by the day one patch?

Bigpappy1853d ago

You are acting like they gave the game a 10. Stop wishing bad on games because they are not on your system.

thrust1853d ago

I love how the dr3 review below this one has 60 comments from sony fanboys because it's a troll review scoring low.

This one scoring good has 5 comments what does that say for this site?

LonChaneyTV1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

If it was on their console they'd buy it.

kewlkat0071853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Yeah most trolls assemble in fanboy tipped articles and troll review articles..

1853d ago
Bennibop1852d ago

I have owned both dr1 & 2 on my xbox and found item both to be a little boring.