Forza Motorsport 5 - Bathurst Direct Feed

Microsoft relased a direct feed gameplay from the Bathurst track in Forza Motorsport 5.

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mitford1852d ago

looks very good though i feel this track will be messy online as people forget how to brake

Blackdeath_6631851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

forget?? are you insinuating that people knew how to break in the first place?! playing any racing game online is messy there is always that one guy dives into the inside of the first corner

Blackdeath_6631851d ago

hand animations for the gear changes look terrible and are not in sync with the sound second video with the same issue

lets_go_gunners1851d ago

I didn't notice anything wrong...then again I'm a gamer and not an enthusiast.

Blackdeath_6631851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

i'm not an enthusiast or anything just look at the bottom right when it gets to the part with the cockpit view the gear changes while the driver still hasn't begun the animation i don't even no why people are disagreeing the lag is clear as daylight and not the first time we see it. all they had to do was speed up the animation yes it might look a bit cheap and unrealistic but it is even less realistic when the gear has already changed and the driver hasn't moved yet would have been better if there was no animation at all

McFlu1851d ago

@Blackdeath_663 in order for it be more precise, sped up or not, the game would have to tell the future and know when you plan on shifting, so it could start the animation before hand, or else no matter what you are still going to hit the button and THEN it will show his hand shifting. Even sped up it would make a huge difference if you press the shift up/down and then have to wait for the animation to even start before it actually shifts. And even that split second can make all the difference.

Computersaysno1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

The F1 car shifting is badly wrong too. Devil is in the details here.

There isn't many cars or tracks and it seems so rushed and cut down. Visually its ok but not mind blowing or a leap for a next gen machine.

Very basic reflections and weak anti aliasing, shadow map resolution etc I swear if you ran Forza 4 @ 1080p native it would look extremely similar

Good sound tho

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oldassgamer1851d ago

Watched it again, and you are right. The hand animation for shifting occurs after the gears have shifted. Watch the gear number, it changes before the hand moves. Then again, I won't be watching the hand animation when I'm driving.

Hicken1851d ago

To be fair, for the game to be able to shift when you do, it'd have to be a lightning fast, inhuman animation. GT5 alleviates this a little by having the arm and hand move over to the stick(or paddle) when it's about time to shift, but even then the animation is still behind the shift rather than ON it.

As iitsuii points out, I did see the jaggies, particularly in the shadows, which GT5 was lambasted for. I wonder if Forza will get the same treatment, or if it'll be glossed over, like other things?

UncleGermrod1851d ago

funny you say that, because i thought it looked very nice in all of the vids ive seen, this included. the lighting is actually quite nice too, some of the rays that break through the trees toward the end there, nice stuff. I also think this game has a clean, detailed look. the interiors are the best iv'e seen yet, and the reflections on the hood and in the windshield are quite accurate. there is deff some AA issues though. I'll have to wait and see come this thurs. But i know this game will be very good and the graphics are beautiful one way or the other

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esemce1851d ago

Whilst I'll comend turn 10 for the 60fps it really does not look like anything special visually.

B-radical1851d ago

As an aussie to see the bathurst track looking like this it's beautiful. They did a great job in the look of the track and the car

Riderz13371851d ago

Why are these people always playing with assists on -.-

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