Battlefield 4 - Second Assault Expansion Interview

Electronic Arts released an interview about the Second Assault Expansion coming to Battlefield 4.

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MWong1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I can't wait to see what kind of levolution will be present on the old maps. It looks like a tsunami or some kind of storm hits in Gulf of Oman. Hopefully DICE will also have fixed all the crashing issues by then.

famoussasjohn1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Patch is supposedly coming this week for all platforms. Here's to hoping it gets resolved before the DLC starts getting pushed down our throats more and more as they near.

Detoxx1766d ago

Gulf Of Oman will have a sandstorm, and the shore will be rocky.

Operation Metro will have collapseable ceilings, lights you can turn of, elevators and some more stuff can't remember all of it.

Caspian Border has been changed alot, the tower is now in the centre of the map and can collapse, the map now has a spring season setting aswell.

Operation Firestorm will have alot of fire, burning gasspipes and gasleaks will be a big threat.

angelsx1766d ago

First fix the game on all platforms then start saleing dlc packs.jisas

bigbri6420001766d ago

Hope nobody buys it . Until the game gets fixed

Detoxx1766d ago

People with Premium get it.