Xbox One Can Also Calibrate Your HDTV For You, Also Works With Universal Remote

We know that Xbox One is an all-in-one box solution from Microsoft that besides being a games console also offers you to do stuff that you would normally do with your set-top box or an entertainment hub, watch TV or stream content.

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Blaze9291828d ago

this, is nice. I never like messing with picture settings on my TV and audio settings of my speakers. Default everything (except more bass lol).

I'll see how this works. cool feature microsoft

Bigpappy1828d ago

If everything works as promised, I can see people falling in love with their X1's. I just seems to simplify everything.

nukeitall1828d ago


More awesome features. Can\t complain!

ABizzel11828d ago


You sir have failed your TV, if you haven't adjusted the contrast, sharpness, etc...


kingPoS1828d ago

What! you... you don't like... playing with the options on you're HDTV. (mines a Samsung) Figuring out the functions that make a tv set truly yours; that's half the fun. (at least for me it is)

Gateway MT6706 2008

WilliamH1828d ago

I would love to know why people are disagreeing with you and a few people who replied. Very sad people indeed.

malokevi1828d ago


Me and my subwoofer and in a love/hate relationship.

rainslacker1828d ago

You should really look into downloading something like AVCHD. It's free and allows you to adjust your TV to improve the picture by quite a bit.

This is a cool feature if it works well, so long as for those like me it reverts back to an adjusted setting that I would have for watching movies.

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hankmoody1828d ago

I'm currently using a projector. Wonder if it can calibrate for a projector screen as well.

JohnnyTower1828d ago

I have an Epson 5020 myself. I would go the other way and calibrate the picture with my projector once the xbox is up on the screen.

hankmoody1828d ago

Just got an Epson 8345. I basically have a 120" crystal clear 1080p image staring back at me from my wall. I honestly don't know how I can ever go back to regular TV screens.

HugoDrax1828d ago

I'm so buying a projector on Black Friday now lol. Best idea ever for my basement area. Come midnight 11/21 I'll have my PS4 and XB1 up and running for my next gen enjoyment.

It's finally here, Friday can't come soon enough :-)

hankmoody1828d ago

Make sure you have the wall for it and if you do, use a nice flat (matte) white paint. Seriously, the image I'm getting is mind blowing.

jujufish1828d ago

That is incredible! I was just about to buy a calibration disc to prep my TV for my Xbox One. That's a really great feature.

rainslacker1828d ago

You can get AVCHD for free. The calibration discs you buy aren't any better IMO.

jujufish1828d ago

Thank you for that. I'll try it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.