The new 3DS Holiday TV commercial is Nintendo's best work yet

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, " It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Nintendo's commercials, specifically for its hardware. To be fair, each of the Big Three (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) are guilty of forced commercials with awkwardly placed actors trying to portray "real gamers." It's painful to watch, really. And the commercials that ditch the actors, tend to rely on fast-cut shots of extremely close-up, or just plain weird, angles of the system in a cold room -- usually some punchy techno is thumping in the background.

Needless to say, I hate video game console commercials."

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Venox20081851d ago

actually its alright commercial, now they need a good one for wii u

cleft51851d ago

The because it's Nintendo line is perfect. Essentially, you buy a lot of Nintendo products just because it comes from Nintendo and they make great stuff.

Errefus1851d ago

yep not bad, But where is the wii u marketing?

feraldrgn1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Nice advert, but not representative of the audience, Nintendo's not just for kids.

lifesanrpg1851d ago

Agree, but you need to think of the advertising audience they are trying to market to... parents buying holiday gifts for their kids.

Fizzgig1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I have my Legend of Zelda Limited Edition 3DS XL pre-ordered for Friday :)

Bimkoblerutso1850d ago

Excessively utilitarian commercials like this are the ones that I, personally, kind of tune out when they come on...

I know it's not designed for people like me, though.