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JPS Writes: "Knack is one of the launch titles on the PlayStation 4 that promises to show what next-generation gaming is all about. Following the absence of platforming games during the time the PS3 was released, Sony now attempts to bring back the genre through Knack, a game created by Mark Cerny. For those who don’t know who Cerny is, he’s the one who worked on both Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank, as well as other platform games on PlayStation platforms like Spyro: The Dragon. While those three platform games garnered praise and popularity when it was released, I’m sad to say that Knack is far off from reaching the success Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank had achieved."

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kazuma9991828d ago

This game is so HARD on very hard mode XD but, it is addicting and fun at the same time. Reminds me of back in the days how you have to memorize all the enemies to beat a level and yet some enemies that are the same thing have different moves.

feraldrgn1828d ago

A lot of reviews are giving it low to average scores,
a lot of players are saying it's a good game, some say fantastic.

Curious times.

Anon19741828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

A lot of reviewers also seem incapable of addressing if the game is good for younger kids, it's intended audience. Things like straightforward level design, easily found hidden items, simple combat are all pluses in games for kids, yet you see so many reviewers bashing the game for exactly the reason you would buy this for younger players. Also curious is how many reviews I see that don't mention features like the online components of the game or the co-op.

I've mentioned this before but so many of these reviews sound like an adult stumbled into a screening of Spy Kids and didn't figure out by the time he wrote the review that the movie was geared towards children. I'm not saying kids games should get a pass, or even defending Knack as a title, but there are different features that appeal to kids versus those that appeal to teens and adults when it comes to video games.

The few reviews you see that get this seem to like the game and recommend it for kids. It's odd to me that reviewers don't seem to have a problem pointing out the kid friendly aspects of games like Skylanders or Pokemon but can't seem to bother commenting on it with Knack, as if they don't get they're reviewing a game for young kids. How many have actually tried it on kids to see if they liked it? I know of only one review which handily recommended the title.

DigitalRaptor1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Totally. I see what you're saying.

Knack is a game that was designed to appeal to gamers of all ages, and because of that they had to design it with the lowest common denominator in mind. However, this game is as hard as nails on a higher difficulty level.

I've heard so many PS4 owners who are grown adults having a lot of fun with Knack, so really, I think these reviewers have either lost perspective or are pretty jaded in general. Knack is far from a bad game, but we're being given the impression that it is, from these reviews.

Evil_Abed1828d ago

Kid audience? 12 and above is what the box says. It sucks for all ages.

Anon19741828d ago

What region do you live in? In NA, the ESRB recommendation is 10 and up. And the creators have been saying for ages that they intended Knack to be an entry-level game for kids.

"Cerny says he created Knack to be a family-friendly game and even an entry-level experience for new, young PS4 gamers."

Pretty hard to mistake the intent here. I read a review in the Financial Post up in Canada that stated right off the bat "make no mistake, this is this start of a core family friendly series for PlayStation 4 – Sony may have another kids franchise to rival the likes of Insomniac’s terrific Ratchet & Clank series."

So explain to me why there's any confusion whatsoever as to who the demographic is for this title, and why reviewers en masse seem to be missing the point? Skylanders has the exact same E 10+ rating as Knack and most reviews for that series have had no issue focusing on what makes these good kids games, yet hardly a mention of how Knack appeals to kids in the majority of Knack reviews.

1828d ago
CalebZachary84111828d ago

I love this game. It's an easy 8-8.5/10 for me. On Chapter 5 currently.

Darkfist1828d ago

just saw knack walkthrough, lol the difficulty of this game makes the player feel happy everytime he collect relics.

Eldyraen1828d ago

Being killed in 2 hits on Normal becomes almost commonplace unless you're really careful. Its crazy but part of its charm I think. It is one of the least forgiving games I've played in years but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

It really is bit retro (simple/limited controls) but its just is a fun game once you get into it if you don't become frustrated easily. My biggest complaint is when it isn't challenging its almost too easy.

Still, glad I picked it up although Lego Marvel was actually my first choice (Target's B2G1 sale and no Lego). I simply refuse to pick up a $60 game I can get on PC for $30 especially as wasn't that long ago when originally came out. Come a sale I might get it but may break down during Steam Holiday Sale as Lego will go for $10-15 probably. Prices are sometimes ridiculous still--$50 Angry Birds is the worst though and had to stop and just stare at it for a second.

The last may be a tangent but nonetheless true.

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