The Meaning Behind Playstation 4's Changing LED Lights

JPS Writes: "The PlayStation 4 has the capability to show what its current condition is through the power of the LED lights on top of the console. Currently, there is a total of four LED lights that players need to be aware about. Each of the color that shines on your PlayStation 4 represents what its doing at the time it lights up."

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GentlemenRUs1850d ago

Here's hoping we can customise the LED light from white to anything we want :P

ATiElite1850d ago

Good color code!

almost same code for PS4 controller, I remember seeing DS4 controller color codes when watching a DS4 to PC video.

Would be cool if it had customization colors for when the PS4 was playing games or dowloading or etc..

zeee1850d ago

Sheldon Cooper is gonna love this.

hankmoody1850d ago

So... it's not just blue? I know for some people it is.

WorldGamer1850d ago

Clever man. Impressive attempt at a stealth troll. You need some work, but if you keep it up, you will be an elite like PowerofGreen.

Kudos to you and your hate filled comments sir. Bravo.

Ripsta7th1850d ago

Why is it that you PS fans cant take a joke? Wen i see you guys joking about the xbox i just laugh nothing serious, but for you guys is like a on another level

WorldGamer1850d ago


Funny how you admonish me for my inability to take a joke, yet you proceed to take my comment seriously without even considering that it might have also been intended to be lighthearted.

Congrats on basically invalidating your own comment.

hankmoody1850d ago

Dude... I was joking. Seriously, relax. Yeah, I'll totally admit I was stealth trolling but it wasn't to anger the lot of you. So many of you are acting like a bunch of whiny kids when the PS4 is doing incredibly well right now. Does it hurt your little heart to know that people have defective systems? That the PS4 dropped with a few bad eggs? Man, imagine we were discussing something that was actually... you know, MEANINGFUL.

KwietStorm1850d ago

I know some people are blue. That's the only feasible reason they could go around the internet and make a living out of trolling boxes of plastic and silicon.

BBBirdistheWord1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

lol at hank.

it's not only blue. Sometimes it's also red.
Greatmess awaits.

That was a very obvious joke. Lighten up. You are seriously uptight.

dantesparda1850d ago

Hope you find the jokes about the X1's problems as funny too

No FanS Land1850d ago

the light should be blue with a pulsing green when you insert/eject a disc :P

kazuma9991850d ago

Does anyone here know how to adjust the vita screen to remote play? Warfram fucked it up so now Battlefield 4 is cut off.

one2thr1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Question: Do any of you guys/gals hear an electric "buzzing" sound when you put your system in standby mode, mine does it but my system still runs perfectly, I was just wondering whether if I should be worried about this sound or not?

Sorry for poor grammar and whatnot.

USA0071850d ago

Mine still makes a little sound in standby mode, so it seems normal, but then again my light is purple, not white when running, so maybe my console isn't the best to base things off of...

one2thr1850d ago

Wait, what "purple"? ... Ok now I'm kind of jealous and speculating that there are many more colors to be made available in the future via updates or games.

Thanks for answering my question, I can now live at ease knowing my system isn't the only one making a buzzing sound while in standby mode.

WorldGamer1850d ago


I changed my hard drive yesterday to a 1 gig, and I noticed something that could be helpful.

Make sure ALL the screws are VERY tight. I failed to tighten the main screw with the PS symbols, and the system would buzz so loud. If you notice, in the bracket for the hard drive, the screw holes have rubber padding, I think it's to hold the HD in place for vibration since it sits right above the BD drive.

Once I tightened everything up, it runs quieter than it did when I initially got it.

Hope this helps.

one2thr1850d ago

I haven't even swapped out my HD yet, but I'll open it up and tighten the screws a bit to see if that helps quiet the buzzing, did yours do the same thing during standby mode?

And thanks for the tip.

WorldGamer1850d ago

I noticed a bit of a buzz out the box, but once I swapped the hd and tightened it all up, it runs very quit.

at least make sure the main screw is tight. Before I tightened it, the buzz was really loud, it woke up my wife. lol.

one2thr1849d ago

DUDE!!!! GOOD SH!T!!!!

Thanks for the tip, it was the harddrive making that sound, its acually a zizzing spinning sound and it happens on the left side right where it rest. Even though its not malfunctioning im going to soon be replacing it with a 1tb drive.

Would you by any chance have a preferred choice in HD, I personally like both Seagate or Western digital models?

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