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Are Numbered Sequels A Thing Of The Past For SCE Worldwide Studios?

Have you noticed that recent sequels from SCE Worldwide Studios haven't been numbered? Is it deliberate, or just a coincidence? (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Wizziokid  +   623d ago
TBH it's just a name, numbers only really point out where the game is in the series. You don't need them.
Retard  +   623d ago
Makes you think how high the number would be for Nintendo's line up. Mario XXVIII!
Misaka_x_Touma  +   623d ago
SMB1-3, World, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1-2, 3D Land and World from EAD Main Team.
darthv72  +   623d ago
numbers dont just translate to the games but also the systems.

sony, so far, is the only company to number their systems as 'technically' they would be considered sequels as well.
roadkillers  +   623d ago
Sometimes I try to get into a new series, but get confused because they are not numbered... Then again numbered sequels confuse me, I thought Final Fantasy X-2 was 12.
kazuma999  +   623d ago
Ghost 2 in the making so im guessing no? lol and btw does anyone know how to re-adjust the vita screen to remote play? downloaded warframe and it readjusted so that now when I play Battlefield 4 the screen is cut off :(
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XboxFun  +   623d ago
It's just like movies, numbers after a title (especially after 2) almost seems to initiate a collective *sigh* among people as if they're saying "wha...another one?".

Not putting a number after the title doesn't seem to get that same reaction even though most people still call the movie or video game by it's sequel'd number
Captain Qwark 9  +   623d ago
im the opposite lol i get annoyed with a lack of numbers and then having to remember the order if i go back. im not retarded, leaving the number out isnt going to make me magically forget about the other 15 before it, id much prefer to not have to google the chronological order

that said, im also not the same type of person to go "oh another" or "they just had one last year, blah, blah, blah"

if you get tired of a series, stop playing or watching. simple as that, sadly those are the idiots who they think they need to hide the numbers from
MilkMan  +   623d ago
Please be so, please be so, please be so, please be so, please b......
McScroggz  +   623d ago
I think it's really smart. For Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous: Second Son, the fact that they aren't sequels is a comfort to those who haven't played the previous entries in those series. Having a number implies a certain amount of information necessary to fully understand and enjoy the experience - right or wrong this IS the perception. But now, with Killzone and inFamous a gamer sees a subtitle and doesn't feel daunted by ignorance of the series or an obligation to go back and play the other games.

To fans of Killzone and inFamous, it doesn't matter whether or not there is a number or not - they are getting the game. But there are lots of people who will get the game that may otherwise not have because it doesn't have a number.
Hicken  +   623d ago
Well, in the case of those two franchises, the new entries also break away from the previous in terms of story: the main characters, in particular, are completely different. Theoretically speaking, Killzone 3 and inFamous 3 can always still be made, going back to the original casts of the two franchises, respectively.

God of War is the same, though different, in that it was a prequel, and thus having it be the next in line numerically would make less sense.
KwietStorm  +   623d ago
But they both follow the same canon, and they're very much connected to the same storyline. Its just the stories have evolved, so what does a number matter? It's not a reboot, but it's just not following the same characters from the previous games.
Hicken  +   623d ago
On the inFamous front, I don't think it's the same world, though I hope you don't quote me on that. That said, it's a far enough departure from the previous entries that it could warrant a new subtitle rather than a number, which leaves space for Cole's story to continue with a numbered tale some time down the road.

As for Killzone, I didn't finish 3, so I don't know for certain, but there's likely still the possibility that Rico and crew could have yet more adventures. After all, it's been quite some time since KZ3 than Shadow Fall takes place. More than enough time for another two or three stories. Granted, that may never happen, but it IS possible.

It's entirely possible that the games really did just eschew the next number while still being the next game. But when I look at both franchises and see just how far each departs- as far as characters are concerned- from all its predecessors, it hints to me that the next numbered entry could still be made. It'd be different if the preceding games had different protagonists in each entry, but knowing that they didn't makes these feel almost like spinoff titles.
SonyStyled  +   623d ago
infamous 2nd son....
EBTpickle  +   623d ago
Well, I always thought of the "2nd Son" moniker as a symbol of a second (new) protagonist. Since it's the third installment in the series.
Hicken  +   623d ago
The Second Sons were also a group of ne'er do wells in the original games.
from the beach  +   623d ago
Actually quite clever and probably effective too.
WeedyOne  +   623d ago
Well I think sequels generally follow the same story line with the same characters. Think of the Halo series. Halo 1-3 focused on MC, then they made Halo Reach. This was the story of other Spartans, not MC and they were able to experiment with new ideas. They still made a Halo 4 which continued MC story. Killzone Shadowfall is much the same as Reach. You play a story 30 years after the events in KZ3. You have new technology such as echo location and the OWL. Honestly it doesn't even feel like the other Killzones, it deserves to be a stand alone title.
mr.selfdestruct  +   623d ago
That's funny I didn't even notice that. All of them seem awesome hopefully this help all how missed the previous entries get into them now. This gen is going to be great I'm very excited for all of the great titles.
Kayant  +   623d ago
Dat neogaf source --> http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

I love how sites have no ideas anymore....

OT - Personally it doesn't matter too much as long as it's not a reboot of the franchise. Also no one knows what Uncharted will be called since the trailer was just a short tease/announcement of uncharted being on PS4 like Halo was/still is untitled.
Pintheshadows  +   623d ago
I think some of it is down to the games changing from what they were. For example, KZSF is still Killzone but it has evolved into something different. Same for Second Son which seems to be similar but is also set in a real city with a new protagonist.

I also feel that Uncharted may be set in the past and almost be a game with new mechanics but the some of the same elements we have come to expect. I wonder if it may be a swashbuckling action game more in the mold of God of War or Ninja Gaiden etc.

If The Order 1886 is filling the traditional Uncharted role of third person action adventure and SSM are actually making a full blown triple AAA open world Helldivers title that would be welcome.

I like it when roles are switched and devs try different types of games. It shows their talent and versatility.
Tontus  +   623d ago
As long as we get God of War IV I don't care. There's no way they can just leave us with that cliffhanger ending of GoW III, I need closure damn it!
Inception  +   623d ago
Imho, that's the best closure for God of War.
KetchupBlood  +   623d ago
Well, they made it PS4, didn't they? like, instead of orbis

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