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Resogun Review | GiantBomb

Housemarque clearly still believes in the futuristic-retro-action-neon-l ight-show launch-game strategy that served them so well with Super Stardust HD years ago on the PlayStation 3. Now they're back at the dawn of the PS4 with Resogun, which is to Defender what Stardust HD was to Asteroids. And just like Stardust HD, Resogun is a game you'd be crazy not to install on your new console the day you get it, unless super-fast twin-stick shooters with pounding beats and a hell of bullets just make you sick or something. (PS4, Resogun) 4/5

PixelKnot  +   252d ago
So many good reviews for this game.

Well done, Housemarque.
Definitely picking this up whenever I get a PS4 next year.
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bobacdigital  +   252d ago
Friend brought his ps4 over and we played thru this game ... Looks amazing .. but that isnt what impressed me the most.. The sound in this game is really freaking good .. I have a pretty good 5.1 setup with a beast subwoofer and this game really pushed my system.
stevehyphen  +   252d ago
Resogun is an assault on the senses, and that is awesome.

Did you notice the fidelity on the DS4 speaker? It's not perfect, but man, is it better than a cranked up smart phone speaker.

Pintheshadows  +   252d ago
It is hypnotic just to watch on Twitch.
bobacdigital  +   252d ago
I had to turn controller down a little because default volume on the controller is jacked all the way up.

I was literally amazed at how good the sound was.... This game should release on PC it would easily look and sound amazing.

On a side note Warframe is trash ... they could make that game on previous gen.. If you turn the brightness up at all the game starts to look purple.
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