New Ryse gameplay video- The King

Crytek show off brand new gameplay for Ryse.

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Septic1771d ago

The visuals are absolutely astounding. Those faces!

Blaze9291771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

definitely. people can hate on Ryse's gameplay (for whatever reason) but I think we all got to agree, Ryse is graphically STUNNING.

I honestly think it's the best looking next-gen game as of right now till inFamous Second Son comes out and takes that title. Maybe.

P0werVR1771d ago

The best graphical launch game.

alexkoepp1771d ago

Totally the best looking next-gen game and it's not even native 1080p lol

Sony was totally right, greatness awaits!

JokesOnYou1771d ago

lol, for me its not even close Ryse has the best graphics of any launch game, hands down....and although I'm sure it will have its flaws the game play looks like a lot of fun.

LonChaneyTV1771d ago

Best damn looking visuals. (coming from a high end PC gamer.)

Someone should make a gif from 2:39 - 2:49, such beautiful lighting and detail.

boodi1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I am a ps4 owner ( preordered , Europe )

I must say this is true , this is the best graphic possible on next gen we've seen so far - available to play ; top of this it seems that much of the gameplay/scenarios have not been revealed so maybe we have too see still the full picture , and it may be a still better one and even more suprising .

I'm not super - amused by what I've seen on the ps4 front instead , Killzone trilogy has been one of my fav titles on the ps3, I don't know why Guerilla opted for a colour and war carnival for the forth installment , where war-grays and gritty mechanics have been the trademark of the fortune of the first installments .

Given the good K.I. reviews - it seems a fairly good production this time - , given K.I. is a franchise I've loved enormously when i was a kid , I'm waiting for tomorrow for a complete round of Ryse reviews ,I might make up my mind about buyin an XBone then ..
PS never been into console wars

Salooh1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Graphics :
In gameplay : Good
In story : Great

Gameplay : Suuuuuucks

I really realllllllllly don't know why you X1 fans praise a game like this when you have a gem Quantum break. I guess it's not everybody taste but it's graphics are much much better then this game...

boodi1771d ago

environment and details (from the last video) seems to be crazily well made , thought , and designed . craft-level seems impressive .

Trekster_Gamer1771d ago

This game looks freaking stunning!
I am sure it will have it's share of issues but I am so looking forward to playing it! Day One!!

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ginsunuva1771d ago

Why does every next-gen face have to pronounce their words with such strength in order to make their facial muscles move as much as possible lol?

windblowsagain1771d ago

Don't agree.

Some of the faces look good and some don't.

I do like the engine though, Crysis3 is still an amazing looking game and DESTROYS the original crysis.

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gillri1771d ago

graphics king but not much else

dansdooz1771d ago

what a stupid comment, why dont you wait till the game is out before you make assumptions, the game looks amazing, the production value is ridiculous, they should be commended for what they have achieved, the acting the visuals all look first class.

kewlkat0071771d ago

Get used to these comments from dual accounts and those with no interest in the Xbox One. I been here since 2006 I've seen it all..

gillri1771d ago

I love getting reactions out of people

InMyOpinion1771d ago

Check out this Combat mechanics video -

I think it looks like tons of fun and the combat seems vastly improved from before.

a08andan1771d ago

The game is super pretty, but the eyes man... no "soul" in them so to speak. I don't like the look of the eyes!

UncleGermrod1771d ago

Seriously, no one can deny that this game has come along very nicely since e3. I somehow figure this will average somewhere around an 8/10 and offer up a solid, fun, beautiful hack and slash. For a launch game, I am more than pleased with what I have seen. I just hope MS either purchases the francise or orders a sequel, as my mouth waters at the possibility of what can be done with a few more years experience.

Irishguy951771d ago

Haha, Nice spoilers Crytek.

Ashby_JC1771d ago

Lol. I stopped watching when they started going into to much of the plot.

I'm really liking that there seems to be a good story involved with the game.

I'm getting more interested the more I see and read.

richierich1771d ago

Wow that looked awesome I hope we will see some reviews soon

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