Top 5 Xbox One Launch Titles

Game-Smack Ireland: Launches of new consoles are hard: After shelling out hundreds on a new plastic box, there’s very little left in your faux-leather (don’t use real, c’mon) wallet for games. You want to make the best decision to pick a game that will last for weeks or months to come. These aren’t the top five but rather a collection of 5 to choose from.

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Dragonborn3121826d ago

Mine are Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, AC4, and BF4. Killer Instinct would be my sixth most anticipated (I am not the biggest fighting games fan, but the nostalgia alone will be awesome). This is a great time for gamers.

guitarded771826d ago

He starts by saying KI is the only fighting game for the XBOX One and PS4, but Injustice Gods Among Us is on PS4.

Brazz1826d ago

1º) Forza 5.
2º) K.I.
3º) Dead Rising 3.
4º) BF4
5º) AC4