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Amazon Italy Lists Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4, Provides Date and Details

The Italian branch of Amazon just listed something rather interesting, named Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. At the moment the game is listed only for PS4, with a second entry labeled with “platform unknown.”

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Timmey978d ago

nice, i haven't finish it yet, maybe i start new on my ps4

abzdine978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

after the astronomical PS4 sales numbers, many publishers are gonna start supporting it..

Timmey978d ago

i didn't buy GTA V because of that as well, wonder if it comes for PS4 eventually...

ginsunuva978d ago

Still not satisfied with the sales?

Why not a new game?

Abriael978d ago

We know they're working on a new game as well.

DeadlyFire978d ago

New game is coming. This likely is a quick port from the PC version I bet. Although they did put Dues Ex enhanced edition for WiiU. So it could be enhanced. Either way I bet its pretty. I wonder if they tweaked the MP modes any for the next gen version. Its the only negative thing I remember hearing about the game.

iKenny978d ago

Still have mine wrapped because I'm playing other games. If this is true then maybe I'll sell my PS3 version and get the PS4 version instead. Heard amazing things about TR.

ChillOut707978d ago

I think it will be a port from the superior PC version + all DLCs , And may be the new unknown costumes that was leaked some time ago is an exclusive costumes/exclusive mission for Next-Gen

RVanner_978d ago

It will be a visually enhanced version with all content. This game was a completely different experience on PC. Those who don't game on PC's deserve to experience this on console.

sincitysir1978d ago

Thos game was an amazing looking game even on ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.