Top 5 PlayStation 4 Launch Titles

Game-Smack Ireland: PlayStation 4 may have had a few delays but that doesn't mean there's nothing to play on launch day. Here are just five games to consider on November 29th.

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kazuma9991770d ago

Does anyone know how to re-adjust the vita screen on battlefield 4 remote play? Warframe made me adjust it but now it fucked up battlefield 4 aka the screen is cut off.

TheFutureIsBlue1770d ago

For me.

1. Killzone Shadowfall(I spent all day yesterday playing this. First day off work with my ps4)
2. Resogun(play co op! It's so fun =D)
3. Assassins Creed 4(So much like AC2, but with added elements!)
4. DC Universe(Never had enough gb on my ps3, so it's a new experience for me. DC characters + MMO ftw)
5. Warframe(Ok so far, but I could see myself playing a good bit to see what I can unlock. I know that's one of the big things for the game.)

I haven't gotten my copy of BF4, yet. It might bump up on the list and I haven't played Knack yet so I can't comment on it =)

Hicken1770d ago

I just wanna get back into DC on the PS4.

And Killzone.

And Resogun.

And... I'll stop now.

amuadiv1770d ago

I just wish there were more couch co op as my second gamepad has yet to be touched lol .
I was hoping need for speed or any racing game had local multiplayer

TheFutureIsBlue1770d ago

Agreed. I'm looking forward to Diablo 3 and Rayman Legends for some good couch co op. I hope Destiny has couch co op too.