Xbox One: Day One Countdown - Ryse: Son of Rome Promo

Microsoft shared a new Day One Countdown video for Xbox One, this time about Ryse: Son of Rome.

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lifeisgamesok1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Embrace the future multimillion dollar franchise for Xbox 1

Let's go Legionnaires! Lol

first1NFANTRY1702d ago

Yep when all else fails throw millions at advertisement and hope the masses percieve it as the next best thing lol jks.

For once MS deep pockets will come in handy.

P0werVR1702d ago

Yeah, I had expected some fun since the 15th. It has been a lil' arid since then given all the hype.

Day One Gaming Stamina

mrpsychoticstalker1702d ago

Very excited to play xb1 games, they all look awesome. I already made space on my living room for the xb1 and kinect .

kewlkat0071702d ago

I started to do that yesterday..though I have PS3 and Xbox 360 games to finish..

I put the WiiU in a bag until further notice..

christocolus1702d ago

Lol...i cant wait either...

ricochetmg1702d ago

This game is so bad. I have played it and I must say it was pretty. This gen lair.

Dragonborn3121702d ago

Archers....FIRE!!! I am excited for this game. This will be the first next gen game I played, followed by Dead Rising 3.

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