PS Plus: Binary Domain & Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Free for Members

By Kristine Steimer: "Chances are, if you picked up a PlayStation 4 last week you’re still enjoying our PS4 PlayStation Plus titles, RESOGUN and Contrast, and that’s totally cool. However, if you’re anxiously waiting for your PS4 to arrive later this holiday season, we’ve got you covered with a new PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game this week. Binary Domain, a futuristic third-person squad-based shooter, is hitting the PS3 Instant Game Collection tomorrow. Morality meets gunfire, Binary Domain’s Consequences System means you’ll need to be aware of your actions — how your squad views you can impact the game as well as how the storyline progresses."

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Excalibur1825d ago

Tap tap tap, is this thing on?

Attention Microsoft, this is how you do a free game give away....

That is all.

roadkillers1825d ago

Badass GIF. He was suppose to drop the Mic like in a Rap Battle, he throw it like he made a ground breaking announcement. Although in reality the last question was about Agent...

P0werVR1825d ago

Yeah, but I play these games on PC!

Hicken1825d ago

And not a single f___ was given.

P0werVR1825d ago

Exactly, I'd expect that from someone like you. Oh look free games! More like compensating for the lack of.

Stemming from the hype, since the 15th it seems very arid. 22nd when the true next generation starts. Greatness awaits I guess.

Day One Gaming more!

gobluesamg1824d ago

You should expect that reaction from everyone because no one gives a [email protected]#k about you troll xbot.

CocoWolfie1825d ago

Id recommend Binary Domain to anyone! <3 get on that!

rezzah1825d ago

Awesome replay value because of differing character interactions.

McScroggz1825d ago

Once the remake of the first Oddworld comes out I think I'll have all of the HD versions of the series, most for free. :)

Well, that's probably a little off but it SEEMS that way.

Demobot1825d ago

Binary Domain has got to be the most under rated shooter ever.

UnHoly_One1825d ago

Agreed. That game was better than the vast majority of shooters.

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The story is too old to be commented.