DC Universe Online PS4 Interview: 'We’ve Optimized The Game To Take Full Advantage of The PS4'

"DC Universe Online was originally released almost three years ago on the PlayStation 3 and PC. Sony Online Entertainment are now bringing the massively multiplayer online role-playing game to the PlayStation 4. We caught up with Senior Creative Director of the game, Jens Andersen to talk about how the PS4 version will stack up against others, the improved visuals and more."

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Xsilver1830d ago

damn sure plays like it.

Ju1829d ago

Plays like a last gen game. What you talking about. Really. Gameplay is probably the same but it looks old already.

NexGen1829d ago

Low res textures and just as buggy on ps4 as it was on the 3. I played this game for a over 2 years on the ps3, and the "leap" to ps4 is disappointing for this game. Mind you, this is not the ps4's fault - it is straight up the developer team's fault as usual.

Xsilver1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )


NexGen1829d ago

I played from launch 2011 until September 2013. Cr100 on one toon, cr99 on two others. The game is fun but the constant need to use replays (real money) to unlock missions got expensive. It is completely pay to win, or really, don't pay and get left behind.

It was a forgivable experience on the ps3, but there are no excuses this time around and many bugs from launch still persist on the ps4.

It was a good game and concept at launch in 2011, but management changes made it feel like they cared more about revenue generation than providing a quality game experience. It feels that the model shifted from retention to churn.

Core game had promise, management left a lot to be desired.

Hicken1829d ago

It can't change too much for PS4. It's running on the same servers as the PS3. Don't know what kinda leap you were expecting.

NexGen1829d ago

@hicken: the servers have nothing to do with it - the client is running on more powerful hardware (the client is the software that runs the graphics on your system) and would produce the improved visuals. The data being sent back and forth on the server will be the same, but the game should look much higher quality on the better system. It doesn't.

Think about what you wrote and take a look at any other mmo - the graphics (resolutions, textures, and performance) will vary based on the computer running it, but the game is the same. Same concept here, except SoE failed to make use of the new hardware. This game looks and runs pitifully on the ps4, and that's sad.

Again, this is not the ps4's fault, just lazy devs and a lack of skills.

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gameseveryday1830d ago

Some interesting information from the interviw, for those who don't want to read the entire thing:

a. They are targeting 1080p at 60fps.
b. PS4 version will have all the content, similar to the PC.
c. They are not using the new controller is unique ways 'yet'
d. The file size will be about 20GB

Gamesgbkiller1829d ago

20GB without the install ?

rdgneoz31829d ago

I already downloaded it onto my PS4, the file itself says you need 30 GB of room available for it, but is about 23 GB in total currently. Being an MMO, it'll be getting updates every so often.

That being said, graphics are better than the PS3, stuff loads faster, and further draw, though hating one little bug I'm having where the UI size will not change when you use the slider... Part of the chat is cut off and it's annoying me...

Blaze9291829d ago

a launch title talking about taking full advantage of hardware. yeah, ok.

Avalanche1829d ago

too bad its gonna take 56% of the hard drive space...

Drekken1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Math never was your strong suit I take it...

WeAreLegion1829d ago

It plays much better on PS4 than it ever did on PS3. Much faster getting into the servers. Better frame rate. Better draw distance. Just better everything.

NexGen1829d ago

Yeah, uhh...This game sets the bar low graphically and still struggles to meet that standard. Texture pop and load in persist on the ps4. Icing on the cake is that it looks like it's running on a 10 year old pc.

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