Opinion: myGaze Eye Controller is the Real Next Gen

Mike Stubbs: "Xbox One and PS4 may only be a few days away but the real next generation technology, at least in my opinion, is quietly being worked on away from the glitz and glamour of the two new systems. The myGaze system is one of the most revolutionary pieces of hardware I have seen in the last 5 or so years in the world of gaming."

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XB1_PS41649d ago

I would snipe someone so hard with this.

hellzsupernova1649d ago

Is it similar to the shown of at the ps4 launch event

BobbytheBuilder1649d ago

ya thats what i thought immediately after seeing this title

1649d ago
joab7771649d ago

Looks cool. If blinking controls certain actions...can I only blink at certain times. This will b interesting in a time in which ppl are generally quite easily distracted. This will require constant focus.

hellvaguy1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

U constantly have to blink, so my intuition tells me it must a hard blink or a double blink to active some action.

Hicken1648d ago

So during the dry winters here, I couldn't even use this? (My contacts can make me blink a lot)