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Submitted by Abriael 816d ago | news

Pachter: Xbox One Subsidized by Cable Companies is “Absolutely Gonna Happen”, Coming Next Christmas

There have been some theories floating around about the Xbox One being designed with such a strong focus on TV as some sort of Troy horse to secure a place in many families' living room by being subsidized by cable companies, enticing customers with a much lower entry price.

According to industry analyst and crystal ball holder extraordinaire Michael Pachter that's definitely going to happen. (Michael Pachter, Xbox One)

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MorePowerOfGreen  +   816d ago
Hopefully this "Troy horse" is as successful as DVD and Blu-Ray were on PlayStation.
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Septic  +   816d ago
Trojan Horse*

And this is different to the DVD and Blu-Ray support on PS consoles. Cable companies subsidising a games console with very strong TV functionality is a first.
dedicatedtogamers  +   816d ago
This is going to be one of those "In Certain Regions" sort of things.

North America, Western Europe...and that's about it. Pacther has been singing this "subsidized console" stuff since late 2011. It hasn't happened yet. I imagine it'll be a while before it does eventually happen.
gaffyh  +   816d ago
@dedicatedtogamers - That's true, plus Sony is already kinda doing this with subsidized internet rather than cable (Virgin Media in the UK for example), so I can see them jumping on this as well, because MS has given them too much warning if it's going to happen next christmas.
LOGICWINS  +   816d ago
"North America, Western Europe...and that's about it."

Perfect, thats where I live :)

If the XB1 does subsidized pricing, thats great. More money to save for me. Hopefully this is done with Time Warner.
P0werVR  +   816d ago
hmmmm...a cable box or a box that plays games AND TV?! I'll take the latter. Let's see how cable companies will provide subscriptions through apps.
Anon1974  +   816d ago
If the Xbox one replaced your cable box, they might have something, but as it stands now the Xbox just seems to be another layer between you and the cable box and television and who needs that. Just my opinion. Personally, I find even the cable box an annoyance and wish they could just standardize and build it into TV's or something. The more devices between myself and what I want to do, the poorer the experience.
theshonen8899  +   816d ago
I was under the impression that Xbox One wasn't a cable box but rather connects TO a cable box and overlays relevant information and acts as a remote. I haven't had cable in years so I don't know much about how the technology has changed, but cable boxes run through coaxial, not HDMI, am I right? If that's the case then there's absolutely no incentive for cable companies to subsidize an Xbox One.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   816d ago
So when your hardware doesn't sell well then subsidize it?

MS you learned a very important lesson here, never f*** with a consumer's rights.
Utalkin2me  +   816d ago

Really? Time Warner Cable are you serious. Has to be the worst company in this area of cable/tv/internet.
rainslacker  +   816d ago
I don't see it happening for two reasons.

1. Xbox offers a way to watch content that the cable providers want to provide through their programming, so they can profit off it. Things like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Streaming music services, etc, are all things that the cable companies want to provide, and by doing so they derive money from the content providers. Those channels aren't going to be too happy if the cable company freely provides a secondary content service which will steal away their veiwers, thus their advertising revenue.

2. All that stuff is behind a paywall. Why would the cable company share money with MS when they can just charge the customers a premium to get the content in the first place. The cable companies are about as greedy as they come, making MS look like saints.
JOHN_DOH  +   816d ago
I connect my cable box to my tv with hdmi, but the box gets the signal from a coax cable.

but don't you still need a cable box?
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indysurfn  +   816d ago
xboxone does not even have a coaxial input. That means there would need to be a special adaptor to connect to exboxone OR you will still need to have a cable box AND a xbox. HELLO, why would I want that? There most likelybe a FEE to add to my bill to subsidize the xbone and a contract. Why would I do that? My bill is too high already!

The cable company says the cable box is free. But there is a fee for having the 'cable box connected' Which to me means it is not free

I don't care how you explain the charges, or name them they still cost me. This same kind of thing will happen for the xbone. Nothing is free from Micoroshaft, or the cable companies.

Here comes the 3 year contracts, you WILL pay a lot for this muffler!
bicfitness  +   816d ago
Won't happen. Cable companies have their own media-boxes to sell. There is no incentive for them to do this or to encourage another ecosystem (Xbox Live). People keep saying this is a great idea but they forget how insular and monopolistic cable companies are. I imagine MS courted them back when these rumors started years ago and had the door slammed in their face.
yellowgerbil  +   815d ago
what is even better is the rumored Playstation tv and viacom deal with sony that would negate the need for cable companies all together.
Where I live Comcast has a monopoly, glad to see sony will put these awful companies, charging 60$ a month for the most bare bones selection, in their places
Ron_Danger  +   816d ago
* Trojan Horse

Read a book
SilentNegotiator  +   816d ago
Specifically something by Homer, I presume?
Prime157  +   816d ago
He put it in quotes for a reason. I suppose you should heed your own advice.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   816d ago
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rainhell77  +   816d ago
Blue-Ray successful? More like a dying format for videos. But very welcomed for a disk with so much GBs for games.
AsimLeonheart  +   816d ago
Dying?? Why do you consider it dying if every HD movie is released on Bluray. If Bluray is dying then how will the studios release their HD and 4K movies in the future? Is there a substitute or alternative available that you can kindly let us know about? Please do not say digital downloads because we have been hearing that for the past 5 years and it still has not happened. We will not be downloading and storing 100GB 4K movies any time in the near future. There is no better substitute for Bluray right now and they will not die unless there is one.
redwin  +   816d ago
I but my movie digital and it's stored in the cloud, I can retrieve it in my cell phone, tablet or computer. I can buy it from iTunes or MS. I can also subscribe to redbox digital. Yes, blue ray is dead. Btw, must of the movies in redbox are in DVD format .
MightyNoX  +   816d ago
@Asim : I think he means because streaming has become more and more popular.
Debaitable  +   816d ago
With data caps, speed throttling and slow Internet speeds Blu-Ray is still better than digital alternatives for HD movies. Well at least for us in America.
AndrewLB  +   816d ago
Yea. I guess it's dead to people who have low end walmart HDTV's with built in speakers who thinks streaming HD is as good as blu-ray. lol. It's like comparing PS3 to PS4. It's going to be a few more years before broadband speeds get to where they need to be here in the US for proper video/audio streaming. It wont be until the Cable companies make the big switch to sending individual cable channels to each cable box once the channel is selected. That's going to to free up HUGE amounts of bandwidth since the cable company wont have to broadcast ALL channels to all locations.
rainslacker  +   816d ago
Yeah, that's why it fills up so much valuable retail shelf space, and gets prominent places on new releases at the front of every big store's displays.

Streaming is still a long ways off from being comparable to Blu-Ray. For the time being it is good enough, and offers convenience. But there will always be people that want to own the content they spend money on.
Oh_Yeah  +   816d ago

Comcast comcast comcast. If you live in america get it! They cover almost the whole country, no data caps and have high speeds. Crushes Verizon and the others. I regularly hear friends complaining about their internet DL speeds...and they pay about the same price. Xfinity is where its at.
Blaze929  +   816d ago
Hmm Comcast/Xfinity & Verizon giving out Xbox Ones with TV bundle packages, maybe 2 year contract for less than $300 or maybe even free? - that would be a very good look.
solar  +   816d ago
if this happens it is going to be huge for MS.
buynit  +   816d ago
Very huge.. And they have the nfl license!

All i know is that i have great cable internet with no caps.. Im ready to take full advantage of the "tv tv tv" feature.. I feel bad for those that cant experience it but it wouldnt be fair to make those that have the capability wait for the whole world catch up..

You know its kind of like that "everything holds the playstation back" saying...
B-radical  +   816d ago
Hope xbox is able to use foxtel again :)
Eddie20101  +   816d ago
Maybe I'm wrong, but why would the cable companies subsidized a console that is not needed to watch cable.

It's doesn't do cable without hooking a cable box to it. Basically the Xbox One is just a pass thru box for the cable box (satellite box) you still have two devices that have to be turned on. What does the Xbox One provide for cable viewing that a cable box doesn't already do. It doesn't really do anything to enhance cable or satellite viewing. So why in the world would you buy an Xbox One just for minimal TV capabilities. Unless you want to use the kinect to yell at your TV, because honestly pushing button is a lot easier than using voice commands to change channels.
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xtremeimport  +   816d ago
I think its different from DVD and bluray in PS consoles because, you probably already have cable in your house.

Now, I dont doubt this is a great idea and can see it becoming something. But sometimes I just want to watch tv. not have to worry about sharing everything i'm doing with my "friends". Of course the option to have it and not use it is nice, but I'm also curious to how useful it'll be to me in Canada.
deecee33  +   815d ago
I wonder how true this could turn out to be. On one hand, streaming video services are on the rise, and the Xbox One is not a cable box per se. On the other, the Xbox One could be used to access streaming video services (though your cable/ISP may not be super thrilled about hosting both that and the increasing Netflix traffic out there), and there's been talk of a more subscription based pricing model for consoles for some time.

I'm all for that, but it could all turn to sh*t if Time Warner and other greedy cable giants get to decide the business plan. These are the same guys that won't offer us an A la carte cable package. They need to show us it's not just another way to get us to pay for a bunch of sh*t we won't watch and don't care about to get what we actually want.
harrisk954  +   815d ago
The same Michael Pachter who predicted the Wii HD back in 2008? Honestly, this one would make sense except for the fact (as many people have commented), the current XB1 does not have an input for coaxial cable. Which means that people will still have to have a converter box to plug the XB1 into.

Also, why would the cable companies subsidize these things when they are all coming out with their own boxes that have the same functionality (minus games). I just got the X1 from Comcast. While the current iteration of the X1 does not have many of the promised features, it will be getting voice control, smart search, personalized picks, app integration (including Facebook, Twitter, sports apps, movie apps, etc.). The XB1 would be directly competing with Comcast's own box and Comcast is the largest cable provider in the US. The cable companies have to offer these types of smart boxes to keep relevant as many start to move away from cable. Not to mention all of the smart TVs that have many of the same features (Samsung, LG, Panasonic are all providing similar smart TV solutions)...

Bottom line is that while it seems like a good idea, MS would have to redesign the XB1 to add a coaxial input and not conflict with the cable companies' own offerings. Plus, all of the apps on XB1 are behind a pay wall and the cable companies do not get a piece of LIVE (unless MS cuts them in for a percentage, which doesn't seem likely). Where is the incentive? It's not like you can "pick" your cable company! You are captive to your local cable provider (the other options besides cable is if you go with AT&T Uverse, Dish or DirecTV, or some other IP-based service).

Final point, Sony is currently in negotiations to actually offer direct feeds of content from actual content providers. They inked the deal with Viacom and more deals are in the pipeline. That seems like a better solution for a console as there is not need for the cable box. The cable box is bypassed in the PS4 and you need the cable box to use the television features on the XB1. Now, PS4 does not have the same emphasis on these television features, but, again, a lot of things are in the pipeline to be added later.
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Excalibur  +   816d ago
I guess I must be dumb because I don't understand what this article is trying to say, are they saying cable companies will use Xbox Ones instead of their own cable boxes?

or cable companies will pay Microsoft for their cable box to work with the Xbox One?

I don't see either one happening if that is the case.
JoelT  +   816d ago
It's saying that Pachter thinks cable companies will eat the upfront cost of the console for potential subscribers. Kind of like when a cell phone carrier "gives" you a cell phone on contract (or provides it at a much lower cost). It would make sense given Xbox One's approach to TV.
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   816d ago
JoelT is right, and it may or may not be such a good idea. Cable companies are losing business with everyone flocking to Netflix and Hulu, so I'm sure they're chomping on the bit for a fresh idea to get customers back.

Edit-thinking about it, Sony tried this route with the Vita in its infancy with AT&T and I remember the infamous booing at the announcement of AT&T being the provider. Does AT&T still provide service for Vita?
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Abriael  +   816d ago
I think Sony actually still does it in some Euro countries for the Vita with Vodafone.
kewlkat007  +   816d ago
The cable companies are in a flux right now an dI like it. It's stirring things up because of the "streaming content providers" that is now accessible on so many different hardwares.

Then again, Google, Apple, now Microsoft are fighting for the same space.

It makes sense that the Xbox one can sneak into the living rooms with its capabilities, although it's somewhat of a Hack with Xbl media guide..etc as Microsoft explained it. Having millions of consoles in homes is the first step. Bundling with Cable services might be another.

I have used Google TV but the hardware was too slow. I just heard Apple's Apple tv service will be delayed because of content deals with the media conglomerates fell through.
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iamnsuperman  +   816d ago
How is this different from having a promotional offer with a free console. The Xbox One has some interesting TV functions but it can't compete with a standard DVR/cable box. I don't see this ever happening except for the upper bundles as you still need the box anyway.

Different from phones as the phone makes the system work. You don't need an Xbox One to watch TV (huge difference here)
GraveLord  +   816d ago
Not gonna happen since these cable companies are pushing their own boxes.

Why pay Microsoft? Why eat the cost?
If someone wants cable, they already have it.
Joe913  +   816d ago
If this is going to happen MS needs to hurry up and make it happen. Apple just bought the company that co-founded the tech from Kinect so soon Apple will be able to do these type of things if they make an Apple TV device for two to three hundred bucks then MS is dead no one will buy a Xbox one if Apple has something that does the same thing for two to three hundred less plus all your apple stuff will work with it. Like I said before MS need to break this down get a Kinect less Xbox one out there as well as a Roku type device using the Kinect like the Xbox one does now. It can do some kool things but for $500 not worth it. For gamers great get best of both worlds but how many non-gamers going to buy the Xbox one for TV features knowing Apple may be dropping something very similar if not better for far less in another year or so.
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hellvaguy  +   816d ago

W/e tech that MS got from kinect you can be sure they own the patents for it and have zero to worry from apple or a duplicated device regarding those specific patents. Thats just basic business 101 to secure those before investing hundreds of millions.

I think the point of apple getting that company was the minds there could create the next big thing. But you can be sure it wont be ripping off kinect.
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Abriael  +   816d ago
Basically subsidizing means that the xbox one would be sold together with the cable box/subscription, and instead of having to pay 500 bucks for it, you'll pay it off through the cable fees over time.

Basically like they do with cellphones.
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Excalibur  +   816d ago
@ JoelT and Abriael

Ok got it.
iamnsuperman  +   816d ago
I can see how but I don't see why. Why would cable companies want to pay up front for something when you need the cable box anyway (I only see this as some sort of promotional/higher level package as, if it comes to the UK, companies are trying to under cut each other not add more on) patcher fails to see this isn't like a phone type deal where you need the phone to access the network. The user only needs the cable box not the one. This is a very one sided deal as the companies do not gain from this (unless it is just a normal promotional dealbl: get a free one with x package. Something that isn't remotely new)
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Ripsta7th  +   816d ago
Cable companies will be offering an xbox1 instead of a cable box, x1 beimg cheaper than retail price w cable company
Ron_Danger  +   816d ago
Except you'd still need the cable box
Godmars290  +   816d ago
Except that the XB1 can't operate as a DVR for TV. MS would have to be making their rumored specific box which came with regular cable box innards, the DVR, and a HDD while not playing games.

And considering that this is being talked about before the system out much less response to it measured, this is either too premature, or what MS had planned all along. To introduce a second, non-gaming "console" which is really a MS branded cable box.
Wikkid666  +   816d ago
Cable companies will offer One as an option to go along with a cable box.

So the cable company will buy the console from MS. Then you will pay the cable company say $10 or $15 for the use of it.
PoSTedUP  +   816d ago
they would have to come out with a much Much cheaper xbox one. i pay around $100/mo for internet, phone, And cable (optimum triple play) and there are much cheaper alternatives than mine, and this is without the $400-500+tax addition for a cable box (X1). i dont see it being sucessful if it does.

it too much of a risk imo for both MS and that cable company. the cable company would have to pay for the Xboxes, it woukd prob cost a lot, that or MS would have to take a loss for someone to be interested to sell them cheaper. a big risk for a market where ppl are content with what they already have (movies andtv on their phones, netflix etc.)
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   816d ago
@ Superman, true, but phone companies also offer tablets the same way, and with tablets and even certain phones, you can connect to wifi without having to use the phone companies service.

I think what's being speculated, is cable companies will offer you a "free" or heavily discounted X1 if you lock into a contract with them for a cable package.
Prime157  +   816d ago
Does x1 have dvr capabilities?

If not, then you still need your cable box if you want to dvr things like most people.

If yes, 500gb for games AND DVRing?
Drewidian  +   816d ago
I've been saying it was going to happen. When it does and you have cable and satellite companies around the world pushing the Xbox One, it will almost over night become the king in the living room.
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mcstorm  +   816d ago
Yeah its a great idea imo as it adds more to Sky/cable boxes as it runs Microsoft OS at the front and the Sky/cable box in the background. I think this could pay off very well for Microsoft in the long run it just depends on how they add xbox live into this because if they add xbox live into the subscription its a big plus for a lot of people.

The next few years are going to be interesting to see which direction Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft go with there consoles.
josephayal  +   816d ago
Well, Pachter is never wrong
Darrius Cole  +   816d ago
Oh yeah, bubbles for "funny".
Niv  +   816d ago
I'll wait then :)
BobBelcher  +   816d ago
Very smart. Good for the gaming industry as well.
andibandit  +   816d ago
Only if it really takes off, but I agree, anything that has potential to broaden the gaming userbase is good....sure we willsee some game that look like they were made overnight, but we will get some gems every now and then too.
WeAreLegion  +   816d ago
I think both consoles will do this at some point. I'd rather just buy the console and pay per channel though. I'm hoping they pass that law.
Belking  +   816d ago
Patcher may be right about this. Companies like netflix are giving cable companies a lot of competition, and everybody knows cable prices are the biggest ripoff out there. I could see this happening.
XxGOWxX  +   816d ago
Pretty good idea. i get pay tv through my 360 here in australia and would have been interested in a deal if i could get a free XBO with a paytv plan.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   816d ago
XxGowxX-I hardly think the X1 would be "free". It'll probably work like most cell phone carriers-consumer gets their device (in this case X1) for "free" or heavily discounted, then is locked in a contract with their cable company. If you break the contract, you'll get early termination fees.
When you enter into a contract with a cell provider, you're actually paying for the cell phone over time, and it'll ALWAYS be far above cost then what it would be if you purchased your phone outright.
Example-I bought my phone outright from Cricket (a non contract company) for $399. It's an iPhone 4S. My bill is $55 a month for unlimited everything. My girlfriend got the same phone for $99 through Sprint, but her bill is near $100 with limited features AND she's stuck in a contract for 2 years. I can cancel mine tomorrow if I want.
Visiblemarc  +   816d ago
And hey...if it doesn't happen this chucklehead will say "just as I predicted!" as always. This guy's predictions are on par with coin flips.

Wasn't it not too long ago he predicted that PS4 and XB1 would flop in sales? Nice try, buddy, you guessed wrong.
YodaCracker  +   816d ago
If this happens, the Xbox One install base will increase massively. This would pretty much change everything when it comes to the console wars and sales arguments. The PS4 wouldn't stand a chance to be in as many homes as the XB1. This would really strengthen third party support as well with all those potential customers out there.
Octo1  +   816d ago
This is possible but at the same time. I've read somewhere where Cable is in decline. A lot more people are either using services like Hulu,Netflix etc to watch shows and most networks now offers shows on their site. Also a lot more people are downloading shows. Interesting but I'd believe it when it's announced.
mhunterjr  +   816d ago
How are these people getting the internet? Most likely through a cable company. They still have a subscription, and can still be wooed with the promise of shiny new hardware. Besides, the Xbox, with its gamerscore provides incentives for watching TV, and makes it sorta interactive. Those prospects are the kinds of things that would get cable companies excited.
unicron7  +   816d ago
He meant the TV portion of cable is on the decline. And justly so. It's overpriced garbage. Once they figure out a reasonable price structure, along with giving customers more options, then maybe people will start to come back. Until then, nope. Not a chance. Just glad I invested in a console that focuses on games instead of TV and channel switching.
Darrius Cole  +   816d ago
Yeah but the internet is A LOT cheaper than a cable subscription. Remember, the cable companies don't own the lines, the local municipalities do. They lease those lines to whomever makes the best deal, which is normally the cable company. But if one company doesn't offer the internet, another company will.
mhunterjr  +   816d ago
This is why I think xb1 will find its way into more homes than the ps4. I'm almost certain the next Xbox1 SKU will actually double as a cable box. That way it can overcome its current limitations in the DVR function. I don't think even the most feverish Sony fanboy would turn down getting a console free with their cable subscription.
#13 (Edited 816d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
kurruptor  +   816d ago
Only Microsoft would jump into a dying industry (cable tv).
LoveOfTheGame  +   816d ago
No, Nintendo has done it too. Remember when they stupidly backed the gaming industry, man they looked like idiots.

Lol, kids and their short attention spans.
brianunfried  +   816d ago
I think somebody forgot to tell Microsoft that Cable Television is DEAD. I canceled my cable over four years ago and switched to antenna (free) and streaming. Much cheaper and better quality picture.
#15 (Edited 816d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
unicron7  +   816d ago
Cutting the cord is the best thing I ever did. So much money saved. Netflix is great, along with the Internet. I only wish I had gotten rid of it sooner.
Gamer666  +   816d ago
Cable TV is dying, but Cable internet is continuing to replace it.

Phone companies are bundling legacy phone services with DSL Internet, Cable companies will bundle legacy cable services with Cable Internet...
SITH  +   816d ago
You do realize satellite receivers connect to the Xbox one just as well as a cable box.
brianunfried  +   816d ago
Satellite TV falls under the same category as cable. It's the next thing to disappear after the video rental stores.
RiPPn  +   816d ago
Why would cable companies subsidise the Xbox One? It doesn't offer DVR capability, a customer is still going to need the cable companies set top box, it also renders the cable companies channel guide useless which cable companies have not been fond of doing in the past, see cablecards, and it provides no additional services the cable company can make money off of. So why would cable companies eat the cost of the Xbox One?
#16 (Edited 816d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
grassyknoll  +   816d ago
I'm gonna go against the grain, but why? What do the television companies gain? Xbox One offers no DVR facility & streaming / Smart TV's are becoming popular. All Xbox One acts as is a remote / UI, it doesn't replace cable in it's self.
BobBelcher  +   816d ago
Just a note from rationality; just because you don't have it in your home, doesn't mean 'cable TV' is a dying industry.
Volitiel  +   816d ago
OK, so what's in it for the cable TV company? If cable TV business is declining because of services like Netflix and Hulu, why would cable TV companies want to help you get a box for streaming such services such as the Xbox One? I know people whom continuously end or let their cable TV subscriptions expire, and then later take advantage of offers/discounts to re-subscribe again. I think helping such consumers obtain a Xbox One in the process simply opens to doors wider to more flocking to the streaming services. So in the end, cable TV subscribers will still decline. Somehow this doesn’t seem like a winning formula to me, at least not for the cable TV business.
#19 (Edited 816d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BLAKHOODe  +   816d ago
Streaming services are not going to go away. With the decline in cable subscriptions, this could be a last ditch effort in saving the industry, because people will already have a device compatible with what they have to offer already in their home, as oppose to selling people on having to have a separate device altogether. Time will tell if it works or not.
Volitiel  +   816d ago
I personally think prices need to simply come down for cable TV, period, and they'll see the viewership increase. I can afford it, but its not worth the monthly price IMO and am satisfied with antenna TV and Netflix.

I tend to think there a lot more cable TV consumers whom don't know how to access streaming services (I know a few) that will "get it" once they get their free or low cost Xbox One through their cable company, and then (after the cable TV agreement term) cancel their cable TV in lieu of streaming services. Just like how the Wii attracted so many people who don't normally play video games, the Xbox One will attract many who never tried or understood streaming services. Since many of the cable TV companies are also the ones providing cable internet, they may find ways around this.

It's going to be interesting to see how all this plays out. I agree, time will tell.
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unicron7  +   816d ago
Meh. Glad I cut the cord long ago. I'm fine with Netflix and downloading. Once cable companies fix their crackhead pricing structure and provide more options, I might consider it. Until then, fuck off. Also, I buy a console for games, not TV functionality.
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tommygunzII  +   816d ago
So when it takes a dump I can't watch tv or play games. Keep that bundle of ridiculousness out of my house.
SITH  +   816d ago
"Troy horse?" Trojan horse* it was the city of Troy said horse was given to.

It is no secret the Xbox one is trying to penetrate all facets of the living room. The 36o kind of pulled it off, but no where near what the Xbox one is going to do. I already plan to watch My saints play and play games at the same time. I think it is a sweet idea. I hope I can play games and snap netflix at the same time. Nothing wrong with having the options. Don't like the idea... don't use it.
jacksjus  +   816d ago
Hmm let's see 5 minutes of DVR and a 50/50 chance I'll have some problems with the XBox? Nah I'll stick with my cable box.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   816d ago
Good idea but I cut my cable about 2 years ago and don't miss it. Got a good over the air antenna for football and regular stations, even in HD, and stream the rest via PlayOn and PS3 Media Server.
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jacksjus  +   816d ago
Now if XBox comes out with some pay per channel service that might work. Cable overall is a ripoff considering most people watch less than 10% of the channels they're forced to pay for.
Thomaticus  +   816d ago
I called it! That's the only way I'd get one
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BLAKHOODe  +   816d ago
This is HUGE and it's absolutely a game changer. This is the kind of innovation that separates Microsoft from Sony.
arbitor365  +   816d ago
cable is innovative sure. but once it plays VCR tapes, then I will be really impressed
madjedi  +   816d ago
Plz tell me this is a joke post right?

I am getting trolled i hope.
kingPoS  +   816d ago
If the Xbox 360 can do IPTV with Comcast, why in **** can't Microsoft do the same with the Xbox one. It's cabals [cough cough] I mean cable companies fault. When was the last time anyone plugged the coaxial directly in their TV? Cable ready TV's... not in America it seems.

They've got us in strangle hold with a cable box we don't truly need. They would rather the cable card not exist at all. That's why DVR such as Tivo's were so prohibitively expensive when they first came out.

But then again what do I know; IPTV mightwell arrive on the Xbox One platform after all. I'm just worried what the caba.. 'ahem' cable corps might do to offset that soft of service.

Gateway MT6706 2008
arbitor365  +   816d ago
and people think its trolling to call it "the cablebox one"
Bobby Kotex  +   816d ago
Cable boxes are yesterdays technology, not the future. Doesn't seem like the best investment.
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