Remote Play Explained

Kyle from the Vita Lounge explains the ins and outs of Remote Play, including how to get the best connection quality, how it works and what you need to join in.

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Mikey322301830d ago

I havent read this article yet because the link isnt working for me but i did read an article the other day about Vita remote play.

It said to change the Vita's network settings to a differnt channel instead of automatic.

I changed both my router and Vita to different channels, i think the quality streamed the vita went up VASTLY.

So if anyone things the resolution on their vita looks lowish i would try this.

Thehyph1830d ago

Yeah, the clickout isn't working.

I have not tried this. I did notice the immediate difference between same hub and direct connect though. Direct connect with the ps4 just kicks right in and works great, but connecting them through a router is not as pleasant.

teflontactics1830d ago

Sorry guys, the traffic influx is crippling our server - apparently this article spread fast.

kazuma9991829d ago

Hi, I have the ps vita with my ps4 but I have an issue. When I downloaded warframe then adjust the screen for warframe the system made it so all the game is adjusted that way. The problem is when I switch over to battlefield 4 the screen is cut off. Does anyone know how to readjust the screen?

Thehyph1829d ago

It's somewhere in the settings on the PS4. I can't remember exactly where, but it's there.

PS4 has a fit-to-TV meta option for all uses, which can conflict with games that have their own option for it.

Sorry that I couldn't be of more help, but it's there somewhere. Check all of the options under settings, and also check what's available when you hold the PS button down.

kazuma9991829d ago

@steve Alright >< I am at college right now and my vita isnt connected to ps4 cuz i was dumb and restarted the connection process so now i need the number from ps4 screen XD, but thx for the help I hopw it is on the ps4 D: If not im stump.

Thehyph1830d ago

I'm at work now, and I'm trying to get my Vita to connect to my PS4 to no avail.

It worked with both wifi direct and on the same hub as the PS4, but it doesn't want to connect over the internet.

I probably turned the system off instead of putting it on standby. Fail.

MatrixxGT1829d ago

Yeah you can only turn it on remotely if ps4 is standby. If you turned system off your sol.

Thehyph1829d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I turned it off. I don't recall seeing the yellow line when I left for work.

SillyBastid1829d ago

now get some work done lulz

Mikey322301829d ago

Most-likely firewall issue?

Thehyph1829d ago

Had the ps4 turned off instead of standby. Fail haha

Mikey322301829d ago

Also u have to enable in the settings to turn on PS4 via remote play over the internet... it is off by default

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