COD Ghosts pro Daniel Sturridge is looking for clan

Product-Reviews writes: While it’s no secret that a lot of footballers like to play FIFA 14 in their spare time away from matches, we don’t often see too many come forward with their public fondness towards Call of Duty. Step forward Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge, who has wasted no time in sending out challenges to the masses on Call of Duty Ghosts, whilst also opening up his availability for clans in the near future.

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Majin-vegeta1830d ago

Here you go you can join the "How to beat 10 year olds at COD".

tr00p3r1830d ago

I think Sturridge has had enough of screaming babies, don't you?

MilkMan1829d ago

Why? I would think he had a crew already. ??

ocelot071829d ago

Pffft he just needs to ask Suarez to play COD with him. They will be unstoppable just like in real life.

GroundZeroesBob1829d ago

I bet Suarez could really Sink His Teeth into a game of CoD right about now ;)

SegaGamer1829d ago

As a Chelsea fan i still feel pissed at my club for letting Liverpool get Sturridge :P

ocelot071828d ago

I honestly don't understand why they let him come to us. I don't understand why they loan Lukaku out to Everton. Don't get me wrong I think Eto will start firing in the goals very soon. But Sturrige seemed to score nearly everytime he played for Chelsea.

I don't see why he didn't play more often. After last season with West Brom I was lost for words when they let Lukaku go out on loan again.

SegaGamer1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I don't understand a lot of the decisions the Chelsea board makes these days mate :p

It seems every transfer window these days we seem to make a mistake. We seem to be willing to help our rivals more than ourselves.

CynicalKelly1829d ago

LoL! CoD Pro. That term just doesn't sit right with me. The game has got to be the easiest and even with me enjoying Ghosts a lot, I can still see how the game is designed completely from the ground up for Casuals.

This game isn't for Pros. And anybody who considers themselves a pro shouldn't be on this game.

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