How Long Will It Take To Download Xbox One Games?

"We know about the install sizes for the Xbox One's launch titles, which you can view here, but ever wondered how much time it would take for you to download each title?"

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Majin-vegeta1823d ago

Depends on your connection.

Hellsvacancy1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Lol, no it doesn't, you can download 50gb games in no time with a 56k connection................ according to your disagrees - stupid people will be stupid

GameHead851823d ago

Ya but at 56k it'll take a really long time.

theRell1823d ago

The sarcasm went over GameHead85's head.

XB1_PS41823d ago

@game Yeah, that's what he's implying. He's making fun of the people that disagreed with Majin Vegeta.

BallsEye1823d ago

where you guys living? I got 100mbps fiber optic internet for 12 bucks a month when converted from my local currency.

IIXIXI1823d ago

What kind of people find this funny?

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ElementX1823d ago

It also has to do with the network, in this case Live. MS has more experience with networks and I did notice that downloads were much faster on Live than PSN last gen. I haven't been able to compare this gen, obviously.

Pixel_Enemy1823d ago

All I have to say is that I downloaded Assassin's Creed (40 GB) on PS4 and it took me 2 hours. Not too bad.

mcstorm1823d ago

Ide expect them to be a little faster this gen on both consoles but ide be happy with the same speeds as the current xbox live. Sony are the ones who need to improve there speed of PSN as it was really bad for things like Updates and game down loads last gen. Im sure both will be faster this new gen though.

Thehyph1823d ago

Yeah, I'm with Pixel.

When I got home with my PS4 Friday night, the network wouldn't work for me. After an hour of trying it started working, and it has worked since.

The download speeds I've been getting have been the max that my 30MPBS internet can handle.

So, aside from the first hiccup, everything's been working perfectly. I assume it will continue to work smoothly from here on out. Sony are now trying to get people to pay for the service, so the network should be more expected to perform properly.

UnHoly_One1823d ago

Yeah, download speeds on PSN were terrible with the PS3. I could download equal sized files from Xbox Live in literally 1/5 the time. It was an insane difference.

However, I downloaded something from PSN with my PS4 on Saturday, and I will be the first to admit that it was VERY much improved.

I didn't time it so I can't give you any exact numbers, but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Big Thumbs up, Sony. That was one of my biggest gripes with the PS3 and one of the things I would always cite as a reason why I liked XBL better. Glad to see they addressed that issue. :)

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Darrius Cole1823d ago

And whether or not you still have enough room under your bandwidth cap.

Skate-AK1823d ago

Right? I have a 100gb cap, so that's like 2 or 3 retail games. Good thing physical media is not going away anytime soon.

Mister_Dawg1823d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

I've moved from standard adsl to bt fibre. Massive difference in speed. It makes downloading games on steam and such like a breeze.

GraveLord1823d ago


Pointless article.

Mister_Dawg1823d ago

I reckon the article author gave us a disagree each :-)

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Godmars2901823d ago

Shouldn't this question be asked next week? In a few days?

TRD4L1fe1823d ago

Yes! but shhhhh you're making too much sense

XxGOWxX1823d ago

Im sure there are plenty of download speed calculators out there that could tell you

kewlkat0071823d ago

Yes the question shouldn't even be asked unless they have done some test with a wide range of "network speeds" to give gamers an idea.

Even that data will never be consistent.

I have a 20mbps/10mbps at home. I will watch some TV while the games are downloading, Download while at work to play after or play some Indie games while I wait.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1823d ago

Tomba 2 revenge of the evil swine!!!! Wooo

patsrule3161823d ago

On PS4 this weekend, I downloaded and installed Resogun, Warframe, and Contrast combined in about 20 to 30 minutes.

I think the Xbox will be just as quick on ym system. Fortunately I have 40+ download and 30+ upload speed through my Fios, so as long as the networks are stable, all should be well.

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