Releases: Week of November 19th – Xbox One Launch Party

Critically Sane gives its thoughts on this week's releases.

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Tzuno1849d ago

It looks waaay much better that the ps4 design.

nutcase131849d ago

Really? For me the PS4 looks like a sexy mofo :) Who knows? maybe microsoft will release a Xbox One Slim that will improve on the design

DTxx1849d ago

360 owner and will be getting the xbox one. TBH I hate the design it look like a giant black brick. Wouldnt be so bad if they wasnt forcing kinect on you thus making the console more expensive than it needs to be. Mind you im not getting one till nxt year so if theres any probs they will be ironed out by then.

CriticallySane1849d ago

I'll be there on launch day, staring at my ugly, black rectangle. As long as it does what it's supposed to, I don't particularly care what it looks like.