A lack of exclusives is one less reason to buy a Steam Machine

GameZone writes, " Valve recently revealed the in-house prototype of Steam Machines, and with it, the news that, though they will be joining the ranks of living-room gaming, they have no plans to release games exclusively for SteamOS.

This is an unsurprising move for Valve, a prophetically open company whose very hardware line is based on open-source infrastructure (in this case, Linux). However, the move, while refreshingly pro-consumer, is also all but required of Valve."

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HolyDuck1773d ago

But it'll come with the largest library of launch games ever seen, win win.

zeal0us1773d ago

It is a win because honestly if you want save some time and a lot of money just download the OS and dual boot it.

You really don't have to buy the steam machine get Steam OS

-MD-1773d ago

People with gaming computers aren't the target audience... they're trying to rope in console casuals to experience the PC side of gaming.

Nobody ever said you needed a Steam Machine to get SteamOS, it was announced as a free OS.

zeal0us1773d ago

I know nobody ever said you needed a Steam Machine to get SteamOS. Most informed PC users/gamers knows this however some casual users might not.

ElementX1773d ago

Actually the Steam Linux library isn't that large compared to the Windows games available. Plus you can't play any of those older games that came out a few years ago which will probably never support Linux because support has been dropped.

DeadlyFire1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

While true. There has been talk about new Linux games. Even by DICE of EA. So I wouldn't say its a dead zone for games just yet. Valve could really gain some Steam on their linux platform if they do things right.

alexkoepp1773d ago

Still dont even know what a steam machine is....

Is it a computer without a monitor?

Is it a box that streams games from my computer?

Either way seems like an unnecessary middle-man device...

ThanatosDMC1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Pointless if you have a gaming rig all ready.

FanOfRootBeer1773d ago

A significant portion of which is available on cheaper machines (that'd be the consoles).

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aviator1891773d ago

the steam machine is not even close to being on my radar.
I've got a great pc, a handheld, and an xbox and ps, so what's the point, really?

zeal0us1773d ago

The point for consumers is just another option besides Windows and MacOSX.

The point for Valve is operating system they have better control over.

-MD-1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

You already own a PC. You aren't the target audience for the device.

Owning a handheld and consoles is irrelevant, I don't know why you added that info. This is a device for people that want the PC experience but are too dumb to build their own computer.

EXVirtual1773d ago

Then who is the target audience? It can't be console gamers. The cheapest ones are just streaming devices and the better and best ones will cost more than the PS4 and XBO. They're also upgradable, which the general consumer doesn't want to deal with. They use off the shelf parts. The Steam Machines are literally PCs with smaller dimensions.

Anyways... I can see a LOT of indie exclusives on the Steam Machines. Valve games? Unlikely, but maybe as timed exclusives.

FanOfRootBeer1772d ago

Owning consoles is not irrelevant, as it eliminates the value of multiplat games from Steam Machines.

WeAreLegion1773d ago

I'm going to dual-boot with Windows for awhile. Hoping a major portion of Steam games eventually work on Steam OS. I'm so tired of Windows.

XboxFun1773d ago

Really? Steam has one of the biggest list of exclusives around. If you are counting the many, many indie games on it that do not appear on any console.

AD7051773d ago

If I want to play my steam games on my PC with a controller with my TV. Then I'll just simply hook up my controller to my PC and hook my PC up to my TV via HDMI cord.

Why do people keep on forgetting that you can play your pc games on a tv?

That's why I see this steambox as a pointless purchase. Sure the idea and concept is great "the awesomeness of PC with the convenience of a console" But with out any stand out exclusives which consoles thrive on then I just don't see it succeeding.

-MD-1773d ago

You own a computer already.

You are not the target audience for this device.

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