PlayStation 4 Fault Reports: What's The Cause?

TSA explores "the rumour floating around the internet that Chinese students were forced to manufacture the PlayStation 4 as part of an internship and, due to poor working conditions, they have sabotaged the PlayStation 4 launch, causing the reports of broken PS4s that you’ve seen."

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Sarcasm1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"The problem for Sony is that since most of the people with defective systems have access to the internet, a relatively small number of failures can be blown out of proportion and become and worldwide epidemic of failing consoles. If social media had existed when the PS1 was launched, I expect we would have had the same headlines, in fact I would put money on next weekend’s headlines including a couple of stories of Xbox Ones failing and how the internet is outraged."

Extremely blown out of proportion. It's like people never bought something and it didn't work. I've had my share of faulty electronics. Samsung TVs, GPUs, Computer mouse, Microwaves, Phones, etc. Ironically I never had any issues with any of my 360s lol.

MasterCornholio1800d ago

This is what will happen on the 22nd.

1. Someone receives a DOA Xbox One
2. Said person complains on the internet
3. N4G explodes with articles about the return of RROD.

Nexus 7 2013

joeorc1800d ago



like this example:

It should be noted that many of the negative 1 star Amazon reviews are from trolls, “I did not have any playstation, i just want to prove that anyone can leave a feedback to kill a brand and discourage people from buying it,” explained one helpful reviewer.

you can have failure %, no doubt in production your going to have a defect % , no matter what but to point it bluntly, its going to have to be more time in the production cycle with more unit systems in the consumer's hands to see what that % of system failure is.

trying to imply its as bad or as worse as the RROD is really a far than realistic stretch to even be anywhere near viable to be true, due to the fact that 11.6 Million xbox360's all had a production fault..this was confirmed by Robbie Bach himself direct from Microsoft back in 2007!

to even entertain this is anywhere near that level of falure % is quite unrealistic.

Not to say it could not happen, but since there was also a claim Sony put PS4 production to a halt, than that would be a proactive stance on the fact there is if there was indeed a falt, Sony would be cutting a hardware falt off at the knee's instead of letting it go. The very fact that Sony is not taking these claims very lightly Show exactly they are taking this with clear insight to see if there is indeed a falt.

but for Sony's PS4 falt, if there is indeed one it would take a hell of alot of sold falt PS4's to = 11.6 Million @ design falt xbox360's in order to meet that number.

SilentNegotiator1800d ago

Exactly. Come the 22nd, the reaction will probably be exactly the same.

By the way, what compensation does Google give you for putting "Nexus 7" in all of your comments?

Dgander1800d ago

Social media is to blame now? Does not matter how much people are aware of it now due to social media the point is that it exist and its a lot more than yoshida's ridiculous estimate before launch. Bear in mind IGN, Kotaku and Taco Bell had the same problem so dont claim conspiracy. Its cheap parts in a poorly engineered seesaw console that overheats easily. Dont tell me that Sony is incompetent enough to not do test on these consoles before launch.

GuruMeditation1800d ago

Nice assumptions there. Did you want some salt and maybe some vinegar to garnish that massive chip on your shoulder?

ZBlacktt1800d ago

40 hours of AC4 and loving every minute of it.... System is awesome in every way.

black0o1800d ago

i hate the waiting .. and u r making it worst

12/13 come fast

ZBlacktt1800d ago

lol, sorry about that. Just letting you know do not even look at these stories as creditable. Are some having a issue, sure. Are a lot compared to how many have sold. Hell no... not even remotely close. Which is really the sad part here. Some have claims, and some are trolling the reports to death. Same thing is going to happen to MS.

black0o1800d ago

thx .. and i'm not worried

Bigpappy1800d ago

Karma. X1 took a beating leading up to this point, now PS4 is getting a spanking on the internet. Let see how this all plays out.

neocores1800d ago

Since when was sony getting spanked? Im sorry 1 million is a big number and so is 1080p and 60fps

bornsinner1800d ago

yeah 1080p 60 is too big of a number for ps4.. ask driveclub or killzone

Majin-vegeta1800d ago

It;s not karma.It's just common sense all products have defective units.Hell I had to go through 3 Samsung Galaxy S3 phones.First one wouldn't charge,2nd battery would get to hot and it burned my car seat and third one wouldn't even boot up.

MasterCornholio1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Poor Sony they were punished with the sales of 1 million consoles.

Let's see Microsoft do better.

Nexus 7 2013

Z_-_D_-_31800d ago

What's the cause?

Console launch. Simple as that.

Moving on?...

Jdoki1800d ago

Exactly. As I posted in another thread... It's common for electrical goods to have 3% failure rate or higher and the manufacturers not even blink an eye.

If that's the case with the PS4, that means there's potentially 30,000 defective consoles out there within normal fault expectations. The volume of articles does not suggest anywhere near this number.

All we can do is wait and see if the problem is bigger than 5 to 10% - If it is then Sony have a problem they need to address, but we won't know that for at least a couple of months. All signs point to a very limited number of failures though.

It is a certainty that MS is going to go through this same shit storm over their launch period. It's ridiculous really.

kneon1800d ago

It's most likely even written into Sony's contract with Foxconn as to what is an acceptable rate of DOA devices. If the failures are due to poor manufacturing then expect most of the costs to fall on Foxconn, if most of the failures are due to inherent design faults then Sony foots the bill.

Jovanian 1800d ago

Faulty consoles? Very few launch titles, and the few that ps4 has are bad? The PS4 wobble, a clear design defect and oversight?

More and more the XB1 is looking like the go-to console...PS4 doesn't even have the advantage of PSN being free anymore

Majin-vegeta1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

What you mean go to the console that has everything locked behind a paywall and has had the highest rate of console failures in History??Lol yea no thanks.

@Swad I think you need to do research nothing is faulty proof.

The only thing behind the paywall on PSN is 'ONLINE PLAY FOR RETAIL GAMES'.Everything else is still like it was on PS3.I can still watch netflix without PS+.Try harder next time troll.

Jovanian 1800d ago

lol the 360 had the highest failure rate, but the Xb1 isn't out yet, but I'm willing to bet MS does not want another RROD debacle, so they took extra care to make their consoles failure proof..also, everything locked behind a paywall? Sony does this too with PS+ lol

kingdip901800d ago

With cloud supported gaming it seems that micrisoft have 1080p (outside if sports games) behind a paywall....

kneon1800d ago


I think the only thing behind a paywall on the PS4 is online multi-player.

Parasyte1800d ago

Troll harder and show you fanboyism please. I wanna see more! /sarcasm

Jovanian 1800d ago

Not trolling, just looking at things objectively

I_am_Batman1800d ago

Some consoles are having technical issues. We still don't know exactly what percentage it is though. By the looks of it it isn't that bad cause you would probably see many more posts on the playstation blog then there are right now if it was nearly as bad as the RRoD fiasco some people are comparing it to.

Launch titles are fine imo. I wouldn't say that Killzone, Knack, Resogun and Contrast are bad launch titles. They all seem to be pretty good games. It could've been more exclusive launch games sure but who is buying a console for launch games alone?

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