Amazon Kindle Fire OS 3.1 will bring Second Screen To PS4

Amazon has introduced a wide-array of new features in a new Fire OS update this morning, this one called Fire OS 3.1. The free software update for the new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX, is now available. This free, over-the-air update will be delivered automatically in the coming weeks, or you can visit the website below to grab the links.

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Raccoon1850d ago

so its gonna be kinda like remote play?

FullMetalTech1850d ago

Not to that extent. I think this is more for the PS App and Games that support second screen. Remote Play i sonly for the Vita and Vita TV. If they do add a RP App down the line then that would be interesting.

MatrixxGT1850d ago

My wife has fire hd. Looks like ima steal it from her this afternoon.

Idba1850d ago

Good to see the relationship between Sony and Amazon is growing :)

etownone1850d ago


Wh knows... Maybe with future updates.... Remote play can be used with smart phones and tablets... And using the DS4 and/or Xbox One controller to play next gen anywhere on the go

Indo1850d ago

I'm all good with using DS4 with my tablet but can't stand touch screens controls if used in this instance.