Five Apps and Features the PS4 Needs

"Here are some of the apps and features the PS4 needs to keep up in the on-going console wars."

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amnalehu1854d ago

Skype and maybe the Virtual assistant.

Mikey322301854d ago

There are so many thing the PS4 needs. Still for me.

In no particular order:
1) Skype/video chat
2) improved web browser (I prefer PS3's to the PS4s. the PS4s is just as slow, idc what sony says. There is limited zoom and its very clunky)
3) Improved on-screen keyboard (Its missing controller shortcut buttons) the PS3's was perfect.. why give us less shortcuts to do things like symbols?)
4)Mp3/DLNA Support
5)File system viewer (currenly screenshots and videos are buried DEEP in the settings menu)
6)better multitasking (the double tap PS button doesnt seem to work consistently when immediately switching apps)

7) All kinds of app support, PS4 would be fantastic with more apps. Weather, email, w/e else because the browser is so unusable.

joab7771854d ago

I do agree with all of them, especially streaming pc content. I do believe in time many ppl will buy an xbone for its entertainment capabilities and run their ps4 through it.

Mikey322301854d ago

Why cant i edit my post...


8) Touchpad navigation.

The touchpad does absolutely nothing. it sits there mocking me when im using the web browser, or scrolling through the interface. Or typing on the on-screen keyboard.

JoGam1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Dude your screen shots and videos are not barried in the settings. It's under ur picture on ur profile. As for the rest of ur suggestions, I disagree.

Mikey322301854d ago


you disagree. you dont want any more apps on your console and want nothing to improve. the PS4 is perfect. and you never want another update to improve the system as long as you live.


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Majin-vegeta1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Isn't skype already coming??

@Yea me either i bought it to play games as long as it does that i'm good.The other stuff can come later.But i bought it mainly for gaming.

finbars751854d ago

Yeah its coming along with other apps. Not to much to worry hear. I did not really buy the PS4 for all these things anyways its all about the gaming for myself. I'm sure alot of people like all the extras but I'm pleased with the console and its capabilities.

Mikey322301854d ago

where did u hear skype coming to PS4. Skype has never been on a Sony Home console.. only the PSP and Vita.

XxGOWxX1854d ago

Are you sure about this? Skype is owned by microsoft. Not that it couldnt happen of course just seems odd

malokevi1854d ago

It does if it want's to stay competitive.

Hicken1854d ago

No, it doesn't. It's selling itself as a gaming console. To be competitive in that arena, it NEEDS the hardware to make great games, and it NEEDS to software to take advantage of that. Pretty sure the PS4 either has or will have both of those things covered.

Maybe you're thinking of some other console that will need apps to draw in casuals and such in order to compete.

malokevi1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

lol. Alright, you keep telling yourself that! It may surprise you to learn that lots of people who use Sony consoles use them for more than gaming!

Competitive = mass appeal. Sony can't afford to drop the ball on multimedia features, as much as you would like to believe that they can!

OrangePowerz1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

To be competitive the console needs to have good games. It's a gaming console.

The Wii was the console with the most mass appeal this gen and barely had any multimedia crap.

The 360 had more of that crap than the PS3 and still didn't outsell it. Outside of America people don't mind having to move their ass to change a channel with a TV remote and use one of their other devices to do stuff instead of having the need to have a box that is a jack of all trades and a master of none.

joab7771854d ago

I agree with you. Millions will buy the ps4 b/c its simply a pure gaming machine. But MS has offered enough to attract ps4 owners to buy a second console eventually...titanfall...cable control, skype, multitasking etc. Does Sony offer enough for xvone ownwers to also purchase a ps4 eventually if they r happy with its games...exclusives do maybe. But I think the xbone has the ability to do what apple and google couldn't and become the new geek gadget for ur the iphone and ipad.

Hicken1854d ago

Love how you just create definitions for things as you go along. Competitive=competitive.

The Wii had ZERO multimedia functions, yet had all the mass appeal in the world. The 360 and PS3 had the multimedia covered, but lacked the mass appeal. Were the other two somehow not competitive because they didn't have the same appeal as the Wii? What's the Wii doing now, while the other two are still selling well?

And no, it wouldn't surprise me, as I used my PS3 for far more than gaming, as well.

One of these days, you Xbox fans will learn what words like "primary" mean. Hint: it does not mean "only."

malokevi1854d ago

Yeah... we still use our Wii for netflix. I must have gotten the super-secret special addition nobody has it but me version, eh?

Hicken1853d ago

How many DVDs, Blu Rays, or CDs have you used with it?

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OrangePowerz1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I don`t need Skype on my GAMING console. I don`t want motion controls, and I certainly don`t need that Picture in Picture crap because my attention span lasts more than 5 minutes and I don`t see why hardware resources should be wasted for that if they can be used for games.

If people want that crap stuff they can buy an Xbox One.

XxGOWxX1854d ago

Maybe some people like the hardware resources used for things besides gaming? Maybe just maybe when youre not playing a game you could be doing something else!

Lots of people use skype and the console may be in the lounge room so why not be comfortable and skype chat or play games and skype.

Why limit yourself to just gaming? broaden your horizons, you never know you may even like it.

OrangePowerz1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I do something else when I don`t play and I have plenty of devices for that that are dedicated to do something else and do it better in most cases. Having Netflix or playing Blu Ray movies on a console is fine as it doesn`t take away resources. I don`t need a glorified media box that can also play games.

I have already a crap ton of devices that do Skype, PC, smartphone, tablet and the TV itself.

Why would I want to Skype while playing a game? I never understood why people say "but you can play games and Skype at the same time, it`s amazing". When I play a game I want to concentrate at the game and not talk with someone and hear them talking over the game. It`s like sitting in the cinema and have the person you go to the movie with constantly talk over the movie.

XxGOWxX1854d ago

Well for example i may just be casually smashing some zombies in DR3 while chatting with my girlfriend who is on her PC at her house.

The point is, its better to have the option there than it is to not even have it. Its an extra feature. may not be something you would use but for other people this is a great feature.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1854d ago

exactly.. i agree ppl stay asking for everything thats not important. if i was sony i would not listen to all these requests. Skype, new UI , snap, these are all whining consumers they should goto microsoft if there not satisfied. I'm sure they do a better job listening to consumers ….. not

bomboclaat_gamer1854d ago

it needs a visual overhaul, it needs youtube
it needs game videos upload to youtube
it needs hbo go

the ability to go into safe mode to fix errors is very awesome though

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

the UI is great no need to fix.

..then goto microsoft.

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