Joystiq - LocoCycle review: Ay, caramba

LocoCycle begins with a 10-minute live-action movie featuring hyperbolic world leaders in cheap costumes, surrounded by bad lighting and women in cocktail dresses, all attending a showcase from Big Arms, a fictional military manufacturer. The host of the event, a man drawing style inspiration from 'N Sync's Joey Fatone circa 1997, introduces IRIS and SPIKE, the game's two AI super-bikes, in a drawn-out, poorly acted melodrama that incites a mantra to repeat in my mind: "Oh my God, stop. Please, stop."

As I watch the B-movie introduction to Lococyle, I wish the game would just start already. And then the game starts, and I take that last part back.

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user74029311771d ago

worst next gen game period

Septic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Well I wouldn't even call it next-gen.

Its an indie title and well...clearly a rubbish one at that. In fact, no one even cared about it before today.

Volkama1771d ago

I hear Microsoft are expanding Games with Gold to the One soon.

No MS, this one wont count. Don't even think about it.

Master-H1771d ago

Wait until that kinect fighting game that ubisoft made gets reviewed lol

Godmars2901771d ago

Which was originally a 360 title. A last gen game.

Still think scores less than half of the review scale should be based on technical issues. If it has bugs or basic broken mechanics.

Really surprised MS are even allowing reviews before the XB1's release.

kewlkat0071771d ago

Microsoft is having a staggered review schedule all week.. Not one day reviews like Sony did.

Mikelarry1771d ago

and so it begins. but seriously tho who was expecting anything above 1.5 for this

SilentNegotiator1771d ago

No one that had seen gameplay, to be sure. But I'm sure people are disappointed in the developers of 'Splosion Man.

Godmars2901771d ago

And I swear that I got into more than a few arguments with people - well, fanboys - trying to defend this game.

VENOMACR12271771d ago

Damn, this was the whole reason I was buying an X1.......said no one ever.

Seriously, with all the real next gen games, why would anyone want this?

Naga1771d ago

Is anyone actually surprised by this?

Godmars2901771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

The people who were defending this because it was an exclusive.

sprinterboy1771d ago

Whoever thought a bloke stuck on the side of a bike would make a fun game needs sacking imo, it's 2 hrs long and gamespot gave it a 6, when knack has been given poor reviews but is a well polished of game and is way more than 2hrs long. Reviews are waste of time

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The story is too old to be commented.