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Battlefield 4 is a fun combined arms multiplayer experience that does a good job off promoting teamwork. While the new Levolution feature does a good job of added some spice to maps, it does get boring fast. The game’s campaign is fun, but not something to write home about.

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UNCarolinaBlue1792d ago

All the bugs aside, the Multiplayer of this game looks absolutely beautiful on the PS4. I wouldn't go so far as to say the 360 and PS3 versions look bad, because they do not, but the PS4 version is far superior. I have no idea how the Xbox One version will look in person, but if it is anything like the PS4, you guys are in for a treat!

supremeaaron1792d ago

The 360 version isn't bad it is just that texture pop ins like the with the fence are really difficult to not notice.

The Xbox One version does look pretty good, from what I saw and played at the Xbox One "The One Tour" event.