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By no means a technical achievement for the Xbox One, but nonetheless Dead Rising 3 manages to maintain the over-the-top fun of the series.

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Dragonborn3121828d ago

I would argue that while it may not be very graphically impressive compared to other next gen games, the sheer amount of zombies on screen with very little frame-rate issues is a technical achievement. Dead Rising 3 is going to be over-the-top fun for gamers!

kiz26941828d ago

little frame rate issues? dipping down to 15-20fps isn't a issue.

B-radical1827d ago

You know it has a patch noww right?

Statix1828d ago

Lol @ "very little framerate issues."

You're in for a shock when you actually play the game for yourself.

VENOMACR12271828d ago

This is the kind of game that's just fun to play. Kind of like Saints Row. Graphically maybe not the most beautiful game ever, but as long as it runs smooth, controls are tight, and its fun, that's all that matters.

MasterCornholio1828d ago

The game doesn't have frame rate issues?

Strange I guess GameSpot was lying then.

Nexus 7 2013

kiz26941828d ago

And digital foundry :P Im with you here Master, playing a game that drops down to 15-20fps is really off putting for me.

Software_Lover1828d ago

Everyone that has played this game has said that this is the game to have for the XBone. I probably will not get it as I don't like Zombie games and didn't like Dead Rising on the 360. For those that are getting it though, you look to be getting a great game.

Stryfeno21828d ago

Damn....I wasn't going to pick this up but now it is on my radar.