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It’s tempting to believe that Microsoft and Twisted Pixel set out to create some kind of meta-joke here, but the line between a successful and unsuccessful parody can be a fine one. All Lococycle achieves is falling on its face, while no one laughs.

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XB1_PS41823d ago

This is no surprise. It didn't look good from the first time I saw it. I'll probably play the demo regardless.. Since launch titles are launch titles.. Naught else to look through or test out.

Bigpappy1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Guys needed something to laugh at and you got it.

Look at the real game though: DR3 and KI are doing very well. DR3 (not even 1080p or 60fps) looks to be rating better than KZ: SF.

Bet there is no laughing at that little observation.

SilentNegotiator1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

"DR3 and KI are doing very well. DR3 (not even 1080p or 60fps) looks to be rating better than KZ: SF"

Based on the currently understocked Metacritic score, or the actual averages of reviews?

Because on N4G:
KZ:SF - 7.6 average
Dead Rising - 7.7 average
Killer Instinct - 7.4 average

If you're going to troll and drag PS4 into this, at least refrain from making a fool of yourself.

StraightPath1823d ago

lol this is some downloadable title from an indie developer that no one gives a crap while knack is suppose to be a triple AAA launch title from a large studio. It hurts more for Knack rather then a crap downloadable title.

OrangePowerz1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Who talked about Knack? Xbone fans will talk about Knack for the next 5 years.

Also when was it supposed to be a large AAA title? And it's not made by a huge studio either.

Ron_Danger1823d ago

Ummm... Have you played knack? Or are you just going off of reviews from bro's who give CoD 8/10 or higher each year??

I'm 29... I own a PS4 with Knack, Killzone, Need for Speed, Injustice, Resogun, and Contrast... And Knack is my most played game. I'm playing on hard and it's so much fun. It's a great challenge and never cheap (you only die because you didn't approach a battle prepared for the fight).

kiz26941823d ago

Knack is not a bad game, jeez people believe in reviews like its the law.Even if you do follow the reviews its not a bad game, its just not for everyone.

andrewsqual1823d ago

If you are OWNED by Microsoft, you are a big studio mate.

SilentNegotiator1823d ago

Yeah, what were we expecting?

It's not like they're the creators of 'Splosion Man or anything...

Pintheshadows1823d ago

Why would it hurt for Knack. Have you actually been on Twitch and asked someone what they think? I've watched about 10 people play it and asked them their opinions and they love it.

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Sitdown1823d ago

I played the game for all of 10 seconds and walked away.

dale_denton1823d ago

id' rather play knack than this crap

kenshiro1001822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Well...that's pretty bad.

Again, I love how Knack is dragged into this discussion. Seriously, this game is a dud-get over it.

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Serjikal_Strike1823d ago

It seems to be XBox Ones version of knack

Convas1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Except that Sony charges you $60 for Knack.

LocoCycle is $20.

XB1_PS41823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

As much as that sounds fanboyish.. It actually has some logic behind it. A bad $60 game hurts a lot more than a bad $20 game..

@Obliterator It is definitely a better game. Does it warrant that extra $40, that's the question.

obliteratorFTW1823d ago

Except that knack is much better than this. Rofl.

Moncole1823d ago

And this was originaly a 360 digital game.

Sitdown1823d ago

Target had Knack for $40.

pyramidshead1823d ago

Been reading good things about knack actually from people who've actually sat down and played it and lots of questioning on review scores. Seems to be a mild sleeper hit for people who want an old school challenge., especially on hard mode.

JackISbacK1823d ago

yeah kneck truly hurts but we must not compare it to other game its not fair,knack is an aaa title which got bad reviews but does not make ps4 bad.

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Mystogan1823d ago

At least in Ryse I can chop peoples legs off. That alone makes it better than knack for me.

lifeisgamesok1823d ago

We'll find out Thursday when Ryse is getting 8's or higher :)

SquidBuck1823d ago

Knack at least got some positive reviews :P

Mystogan1823d ago

LocoCycle also got "some" positive reviews...

Visiblemarc1823d ago

Except that Knack isn't a bad game. Everyone has their own opinion, so I won't try to tell you you're wrong if you played it and don't like it. However, if
you haven't tried it, give it a chance and judge for yourself.

I honestly think Knack is suffering in reviews because it's more difficult than a lot of modern games. It's not bs difficulty, but in my opinion a fun challenge that reminds me of a time when games weren't too easy.

As for Lococycle, no one expects it to be good really. Xb1 launch is all about DR3 (fun but rushed/bad performance= mid to high 70's on metacritic) and Forza(likely to get 9's and 10's from many but will average in the high 80's on Metacritic). That's pretty good for launch titles. I actually think both systems have decent launch titles.

My guess is the only AAA launch title that will really disappoint is Ryse. Easy to guess because of the tight review embargo. I can't remember the last time a game scored well with an embargo ending so close to it's release. Crytek is a capable company though, wish it was going better for them.

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rela82me1823d ago

Games like this make me realize why I don't want a console that relies on indie games.

Ketzicorn1823d ago

Yeah because AAA titles are always great. Duke Nukem and Aliens Colonial Marines anyone? There is good and bad in both.

Snookies121823d ago

I liked Duke Nukem. I know a lot of people that did actually. People just expected way too much of it and were let down when it wasn't perfection.

Volkama1823d ago

Check through the 360's indie section though, and you'll understand just how bad it can get. Seriously, it's an awful place.

Both consoles are doing the indie thing now, let's hope they have well-considered plans to keep games like "I mad3 A G4m3!" or "sexy-trash 3" buried well out of sight. Doing that while somehow allowing the decent ones to rise is key to making a good thing of the indie scene.

Idba1823d ago

Too bad PS4 has high quality indies while xbone have .... Lococycle. And PS4 doesnt rely on indies in any way.

Volkama1823d ago

There are 2 kinds of 'indies'
-Endorsed companies with certified games, usually backed by a publisher. Things like Castle Crashers, minecraft or Flower.
-Proper self-published indie games like... terrible.

The 360 allowed proper self-published indies. Thousands of them. They were shut away in the indie corner nobody visits, so they weren't much of an eyesore. It was an interesting experiment, but ultimately even the good ones were doomed to obscurity.

Now MS are letting self-published games loose on the marketplace and trusting their trending/reputation/rating algorithms to keep the trash at bay and highlight the good ones.

I don't actually know Sony's PS4 indie approach to be honest. I know they're welcoming them to the platform and generally giving them flirty eyes, but I don't know how they are listed on the store/dashboard. If anyone can tell me how Sony are keeping down the shovelware and/or highlighting the gems in the rough then i'll be interested to hear.

listenkids1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

"Greatness Awaits" they said in sarcasm awaiting their "only the best games".

Fuck me, the internet is fun.

( Don't take too much offence fanboys, it's all in jest )

BobBelcher1823d ago

The "Knack" of Xbox One... Good thing they didn't promote it like PS4 did Knack.

Funantic11823d ago

The X1 still has enough games to afford a bad game review or two. Not all games will be great but having choices makes it better. I already knew lococycle would be garbage just like I knew knack would be too.

WeAreLegion1823d ago

Knack is a great game. Play it ya douche.

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