Unlockable Concept Art In LocoCycle Hints At Twisted Pixel's New Game

LocoCycle is an upcoming next-generation title for the Xbox platform. Since the embargo date for the reviews has been lifted for the Xbox One titles, it has been revealed that an unlockable concept art in LocoCycle may hint towards Twisted Pixel's next game and no, from the looks of it, it doesn't look like another colourful motorcycle.

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XboxFun1851d ago

Lococycle seems to be a misstep judging from the low scores of the game. But these guys are proven with their older titles most definitely.

Ms. Splosionman is one of my favorite games.

I really hope they take the time to make something else that takes advantage of the Xbox One.

pacostacos1851d ago

yeah this game looked bad from the beginning but MS is giving them free range to do whatever so hopefully they bounce back The Maw was awesome!

ma1asiah1851d ago

I'm in agreement Twisted Pixel are great developers so I am sure what ever they move onto after Lococycle will be more in tune with their awesome talent.....though bad scores or not I may still pick up Lococycle just to show some support, who knows what others hate I actually might enjoy.

christocolus1851d ago

Did you see the concept art? They looked really good.

XboxFun1851d ago

Yea, I hope they do something big. These guys deserve to be right up there with the rest of the big players.
But I don't want to get super pumped just yet off of one good looking concept art.

I want to see some real meat and potatoes.

GusBricker1851d ago

That concept art looks sweet.

Will wait until LocoCycle is free for Xbox Live Gold members.