Zoo Tycoon review: animal collective | Polygon

Polygon - "The text was from Chao, one of Vox Media's support managers. Apparently she'd fed my giraffe in Zoo Tycoon, and it might have had a baby. My stomach was already in my throat when I received the follow-up message and learned the giraffe definitely had a baby."

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callahan091828d ago

Really? Come on, now... Do they really think a brand new next-gen system buyer would rather, or should pick up this game over Killzone?

monkey6021828d ago

I'm getting killzone and I'm looking forward to it but in all honesty. I would pick battlefield over killzone and I think I would actually pick this up instead of killzone for variety

antz11041825d ago

Lol, despite the fact they're two different genres, aren't they on different consoles?

Fail comment man, fail.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1828d ago

Hey Polygon site is an Xbox site through and through... it gave killzone a 5 out of 10 and that game is excellent... I have beaten the SP mode and it is a blast and long... Good story and keeps you coming back for more...

YodaCracker1828d ago

This is a review for Zoo Tycoon. Please keep the fanboyism out of here.