Dead Rising 3 review: paradise city | Polygon

Dead Rising 3 is an impressive technical achievement for the brand-new Xbox One.

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TheDarpaChief1849d ago

While I disagree with polygons PlayStation reviews it seems we cannot call them biased anymore

Game-ur1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

If a reviewr hating a game on Twitter before reviewing it is not biased then I dont know what is.

iamnsuperman1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I never got why he was chosen to do that review. It made absolutely no sense . An editor should know not to pass a review onto someone who has publicly hated on it on Twitter. Same with getting a hardcore fan's perspective

Anyway I was expecting Dead Rising to do around 7-8. It sounds like quite a fun game

Game-ur1849d ago

He IS the review editor

IMOO a 7-8 is a good score, and depending on personal tast it could be higher, some like this kind of game but I personally don't, dosent mean somone else cant find great fun in it.

TheDarpaChief1849d ago

I meant it as towards sony as a whole. This is polygon were talking about so who knows lol. Kz is an 8.5 - 9 in my opinion