Rev3games- Dead Rising 3 Review

Rev:The Xbox One launches later this week, and one of it's biggest launch exclusives is Capcom's Dead Rising 3. Is the franchise revitilized on the next-generation, or does it feel like a step back from Dead Rising's trademark wackiness?

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Mystogan1851d ago

Somehow I feel like they gave this a 3/5 because they gave the same to Knack and Killzone.. I have no problem with the other 3/5 reviews but this one seems a bit fishy to me. They probably did it so they won't get shat on by PS4 fanboys xD..

psych1851d ago

You're detracting it because you don't plan ahead or switch weapon in a boss fight?


And it doesn't improve on the series? oh I'm sorry, combo vehicles, weapons lockers, combo anywhere, combo anything (with upgrades), controllable levelling system, grabbing weapons without stopping, multiple game modes available at start, recruiting followers and no loading screens not enough for ya?