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IGN's video review of the Killer Instinct reboot.

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Hatsune-Miku1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Lol. This game is below the standards of K.I gold and seems like a money grab with the lack of content and pricing system. I dont know why they couldn't put a lot more production value into this game, add a lot of content and sell it at normal pricing.

The game just looks like a xbox 360 game and not a next gen title . I truly love this franchise but im very disappointed with what ive seen with this game. It seems like an afterthought where Microsoft id concerned.

Im surprised by the disagrees but I shouldn't be because the fanatics that wants this dont care about quality, paying for lack of content, or paying more for an inferiority

Septic1793d ago

"The game just looks like a xbox 360 gsme and not a next gen title"

Gameplay matters little to you then eh?

sobotz1793d ago

This 720p game already beat the 1080p Killzone and Knack score.

I know it's a different genre, but just wait till Halo/Titanfall released

Game-ur1793d ago

This is a digital game so let's compare it to RoseGun, the PS4 game got better reviews.

Hatsune-Miku1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Ive had proper gameplay in games for years now on consoles because it isnt 1985. Gone are the days where a lot of games have broken gameplay. Fanboys pretend like a lot of games mechanics are broken because they want to justify inferiority that they love. I remember ratchet and clank got a lower score because of too much content and variety but now games are getting proper scores for lack of it

This is the next generation of gaming and fanboys are talking about graphics doesnt matter because gameplay is whats important. Everything is important in games from graphics, sound, lighting, physics, gameplay, frames per second and so on. Fanboys are coming out the the woodwork to apologize for inferiority, paying more for less and lack of content.

Septic1793d ago


" Fanboys are coming out the the woodwork to apologize for inferiority"

LOL @ you calling others fanboys.

"paying more for less and lack of content"

Actually, they are paying less, $20.

"Ive had proper gameplay in games for years now on consoles because it isnt 1985. Gone are the days where a lot of games had broken gameplay. "


JokesOnYou1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Damm Miku does it hurt that bad?'s a good game, stop hating and go play Knack.

Sarcasm1793d ago

Oh people stop with the review comparisons. They have zero to do with each other. Review it based on the platform and the genre. Compare it to other fighting games.

With that said, it looks fun and brings back some fond KI memories. However, would it have killed them to put some anti-aliasing? Like 2xMSAA at least? FXAA? Something?

Z_-_D_-_31793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

No, but it could look prettier than it does now. However, I must say, I'm surprised Double Helix found it in themselves to actually craft a solid game. Gives new hope to this developer. Perhaps, they can be a reliable first party dev for Microsoft, because they sorely need them.

dantesparda1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

They give this game a 8.4 yet it has only 6 characters and no arcade mode and runs at a current gen res of 720p with no AA? Pathetic! This game is less than half a game. Wow, just wow! This proves how biased and afke reviewers are and how everything is subjected to their fanboyism.

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SliceOfTruth8881793d ago

did you even watch the video? It got an 8.4 and it still has features like No Mercy, More characters and a story mode coming by would bump this score to like a 9.0

malokevi1793d ago

IGN: It's fun for all skill levels, it's takes skill to master, and it looks gorgeous.

Hello, mr troll!! :)

Games been getting rave reviews. An easy day 1 buy... and for 20 bucks? Hellz yeah sucka!

dantesparda1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

It better be only $20 for this unfinished/half a game. And we all know the reason for these scores are because of fanboyism. Most of these websites are MS biased

You's all know damn well, if this game was a Sony exclusive, it would get torn apart for being 720p with no AA and only having 6 characters and no arcade mode.

Naga1793d ago

Sweet mother of particle effects!

FANTA11801793d ago

its a fighting game with a different art style.

not sure what you were expecting or comparing it to, bc it looks better than any fighting game currently out.

JackISbacK1793d ago

and biggest thing this game is f2p and can be the best fighting game of the year ,this game looks realy amazing and 8.5 for a lunch title is not that bad.

Dir_en_grey1793d ago

6 characters on launch for a fighting game...
seriously are you guys supporting this bs fans of Killer Instinct or just fanboys of xbox?

Mystogan1793d ago

While 6 characters is little compared to other fighting games. You have to take into account that this game only costs $20 or nothing if you plan on playing with just one character..

ceedubya91793d ago

Man, its a 20 dollar downloadable title. For what it is right now, and what is still to come, this game is fine.

malokevi1793d ago

Nah, just gamers who like to have fun.

XB1_PS41793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I'll take 6 well built/balanced characters over 100 that aren't. They will be adding more characters in as time goes anyway.

@dir I find it funny/sad that you can't deal with someone supporting an Xbox One title. You have to be an "Xbox fanboy" to even consider liking an xbox game... Pitiful.

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fardan851793d ago

Can you tell me how did you conclude that the game is not next gen?

I don't agree or disagree with you but I'll tell you about the game from my perspective, as I am a hardcore fighting fan.

first the plus:
1- 60 fps, fighting games are frame sensitive on pro/competition level.
2- The training mode, finding info about move frame rate, learning the mechanics, hit-box..etc
3- art style "subjective", I personally like it.

1- Lack of contents.
2- Few characters only "I judge the game as it is, not on based what will come in the future".
3- It just looks like button mashing which is really not interesting for a lot of fighting fans.

As of now, the game doesn't look like it will have effect on EVO or any other big competitions, but time will tell.
People who don't play fighting games in advance level will probably like it, and it will be success and fun for them. Advance and higher level of fighting gamers will probably ignore it.

I hope the extra content will come out fast, the game as it is isn't interesting for me.

IGN reviewers don't know how to review fighting games.
KI is rated higher than:
1- Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade edition
2- Mortal Kombat
3- King of Fighters XIII
4- Tekken Tag Tournament 2

jetlian1792d ago

by evo it will have over 16 characters and its not a masher. I think ign likes that you cant just combo without possible damage

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DiRtY1793d ago

Pretty good score.
Double Helix did a good job apparently.

green1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I am beginning to regret pushing my Xbox One purchase to spring next year. Dead Rising and Killer Instinct seem to be really good launch games.

Masterchief_KOK1793d ago

yes you did where are the haters at i was one of the few was defending double h

Letros1793d ago

This looks like mad fun, I'm glad they included some tutorial stuff for a fighting noob like myself. I can see myself fast switching to this game between commercials on shows to fight between my bro-in-law.

infectedaztec1793d ago

And with the xbox one thats easy!

mcstorm1793d ago

I am a big KI fan loved the SNES and N64 versions and cant wait for this. Nice to see some classic names coming to the new gen.

feraldrgn1793d ago

Good score, but I was expecting higher.
It looks fun.

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