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Dead Rising 3: The Kotaku Review

The real world can be a frustrating place. Stuck in traffic, trapped in line at the supermarket… it always feels like there's someone in the way. Certain games—the Grand Theft Autos, the Dead Risings—show us a world where it's okay to act on our worst, most violent impulses. Our forest of problems becomes a lawn we can mow, preferably with a flame-thrower attached to the mower. (Dead Rising 3, Xbox One) -

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Dragonborn312  +   396d ago
The review says, yes, I should play this game! Everyone should play this game! Its going to be so awesome!
StraightPath  +   396d ago
everyone wait for forza 5 reviews! dead rising 3 is doing great much better then both killzone and knack basically entire ps4 retail launch games are looking inferior to xbox one launch games.
XXXL  +   396d ago | Well said
Keep your launch games. I have no problem waiting for the PS4's exclusives.
FITgamer  +   396d ago | Well said
DR 3 is a 78 on metacritic KZ was 74. Not sure how that is so much better.
GrizzliS1987  +   396d ago | Well said
??? forza 5, 200 cars compared to forza4s 400-500? 14 tracks compared to F4's 29 tracks? no day night cycle? it doesnt deserve anything more than a 7 at besttttt.

and judging by the reviews of the first few games of the bone, i actually see ps4 games reviewing slightly better.
Wizziokid  +   396d ago
You do know a review is an opinion just like your comment?
Puppy_Farts  +   396d ago
StraightPath: Are you done jerkin' it? Regardless of the reviews for Knack, I am enjoying it. What does this mean? Don't live your life by reviews, unless they give your life meaning...which, apparently, they do.
strickers  +   396d ago
Except Resogun is tracking much higher.
KingKevo  +   396d ago
I however do still think that it is pretty sad that the games has framerate and texture loading issues, especially because those appear when the game is the most fun, when there are hordes of zombies, it basically fails on a technical standpoint at the thing that's the most enjoyable, gameplay wise.
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MajorGecko  +   396d ago
grizzli if you played any of the Forza's you would know they save the rest of the game for the monthly DLC.
thereapersson  +   396d ago

Are you kidding me? How was that NOT a troll comment? It reeks of so much fanboyism and bias. That last part in particular was completely unnecessary.
rydamgw  +   396d ago
Isnt lococycle like a 50 while resogun is in the high 80s lol
leejohnson222  +   396d ago
Remind me the definition of a review? Subjective ?
MazzingerZ  +   396d ago
I wonder how much DLC would you need to buy to enjoy all those different custumes and ways to kill? It looks like a funny game to those that likes this kind of stuff.
ShinMaster  +   396d ago
Keep your day 1 games. I'll take the PS4's lifetime of exclusive games, thank you ...troll
Devilbringer  +   396d ago
did u see the lococycle review? got 4.2 lol out if 10
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CapraDemon  +   396d ago
What you talking about? DR3 isn't even next gen as the graphics are piss poor even at 720p 30fps ,its meta score is only marginally better than KZ4 and that could fluxuate as more reviews are added. Killer instinct only get the same meta score as KZ4 and crimsom dragon scores even less than knack. The pick of the bunch is resogun with a meta score of 82 not bad for a game thats FREE with PS+ and as For Borza it has less track and cars than ever, no weather or day and night cycles
cell989  +   396d ago
"ps4 retail launch games are looking inferior to xbox one launch games" I hope youre not serious
Yessirr  +   396d ago
It took 6 months to create each car in Forza 5, the circuits are all laser scanned. The team went through extraordinary measures to create this game, which I think will set the golden standard for racing simulation.

Ps: The Nurburgring Nordschleife is 14 miles long, so I understand why it wasn't finished for launch.
CalebZachary8411  +   396d ago
Microsoft brought some heavy hitters out of the gate. Once the dust settles, PS4 will have MANY more exclusives to XB1.
mrmarx  +   396d ago
@FITGamer at least kz is 1080p and 60fps unlike dr3
showtimefolks  +   396d ago

sir you do know forza 5 has less cars because there is a thing called season pass, which costs as much as the game itself right?

complete game coming next year for $59.99 with all the dlc as part of that one price.

also day and nigth cycle is just turn 10 being lazy, if PD can achieve all that this gen why can't forza 5 have it on next gen. And before i get called a fanboy and or troll, its coming from a racing fan who likes both GT and forza and agrees that forza has done many things better than GT5

I hate these season passes, now a game is announced and before it even comes out even few months before they announce a season pass. There is no such thing as getting the whole game at once unless you wait a year and get the GOTY or complete editions
hazeblaze  +   396d ago
Killzone and DR3 are doing about the same. Every other xbox one launch title is doing about the same as Knack... stop being a fanboy.
XB1_PS4  +   396d ago
Fuck fanboys. You ruined this site.
InTheZoneAC  +   396d ago
I'll be enjoying my complete Gran Turismo 6 game, not the beta you're looking forward to in Forza 5...
grimmweisse  +   396d ago
Spare us your one bubble tripe. Most launch games across the board are scoring reasonably well. Not sure what you find inferior, that argument can easily be countered. Crimson Dragon averaging about 55% and KI 74%, which by no means terrible or fantastic. Only thing inferior I can think of is the games like Dead Rising 3 getting locked down to 30fps, and sometimes dipping as low as 14fps and averaging between 20 - 24fps at 720p, please tell again what's inferior before looking into some details.

Launch titles are usually not anything exceptional. Titles will keep getting better and better on both platforms as they learn to use the hardware more and more effectively.
DragonKnight  +   396d ago
Here's a real review of Knack.


@Devilbringer: I think all games should be reviewed with a scale of "lol's" instead of points. 4.2 lols out of 10 means not even averagely funny.
Mainsqueeze  +   396d ago
How is that review any more "real" than any other? It sounds like your just mad that most people that aren't blinded by the Sony logo think the game is garbage. Other than graphics that game is worse than Crash Bandicoot made nearly 20 years ago. Played it at Target yesterday, my god it was so bland its not even funny. BTW i'm not really impressed with either consoles launch lineup.
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DragonKnight  +   396d ago
Mainsqueeze: I find it hilarious at how hard you had to rag on the video to the point you brought up fanboyism to discredit it. Is it somehow a threat to you that anyone disagrees with Knack reviews as they are thus far that you have to create fiction when someone points that out?

How is it more of a real review? How about the fact that it actually isn't being reviewed and just played. How about the fact that both a 10 year old boy, and a cynical grown man, both say the same thing about the game. What, are only the negative reviews the real ones?

It's been something of a mission so many people have lately to put down Knack, and the PS4 in general, out of complete fear.
Mainsqueeze  +   396d ago
The fact that you believe fear has anything to do with it shows just how brainwashed you are by these console wars. Now that to me is hilarious. That "review" isn't any more credible than the negative ones from major publications, just as reviews from major publications aren't any more credible than that video, they are opinions. I just find it hard to believe it isn't biased when its considered to be a "real" review which implies others aren't "real" reviews.
DragonKnight  +   396d ago
Of course it's fear, unless you have a rational explanation for the incessant rumours of defective PS4's supposedly being excessive, the overly harsh reviews of PS4 exclusives when based against non-exclusives that are the same old experience, the continued downplay of PS4 successes as "not mattering."

It's actually more hilarious how consistent you are in maintaining your negatives.

The review is more credible because the game is being played WITHOUT any preexisting expectations or hype, WITHOUT the goal of looking for something wrong, and WITH the opinions of 2 individuals of vastly different tastes and experiences. That's immediately more credible as it's a more realistic representation of how every gamer would actually play the game.

Point out the bias since you think it's there. Find any mention of the Xbox One in a negative, or any mention of Knack in an expected positive. Where's the bias?
nasnas76  +   396d ago
"DR 3 is a 78 on metacritic KZ was 74. Not sure how that is so much better"

Amazing, considering the game's not even out yet!
Mainsqueeze  +   396d ago
Dude your entire first paragraph explains exactly how much bias you have, and if you can't see that then there's no reason arguing with someone as brainwashed as you. "overly harsh reviews of ps4 exclusives" lol yeah right KZ shadow fall is the definition of a "same old experience" and Knack is the definition of a really old and not improved whatsoever experience. Your agenda is showing dude, you should put it away.
Azmatik  +   396d ago
Wow this is the first time ive been on n4g since ps4 launch im havin so much fun with it ps4 is rediculously awesome and KZ is amazing. If u actually think the xbox is gona have any chance with launch titles runing at 720p lol u must be crazy.
DragonKnight  +   396d ago
Mainsqueeze: See, you completely avoided answering the question and just jumped right on the "You're brainwashed by Sony maaaan"

You're clearly not paying attention and just looking to pick at something. You've played neither game and you're talking about them like you have and believe in only the negative reviews. You're probably one of the people that reviewed the PS4 as 1 star on Amazon too and you don't even have one.

If anyone's agenda is showing, it's most definitely yours. I asked a question of if you had a rational explanation for the B.S. and you come out with "KZ is the same experience, Knack sucks" even though you've played neither of them. Yeah, I'M the one that's brainwashed. /s
caffman  +   395d ago
I'm in the UK. I don't care what the review score is for Forza. I get it free anyway
Guitardr85  +   395d ago

If history is any indication of the future, the PS4 will have heaps more quality exclusives that the X1, and most X1 exclusives I will most likely be able to play on my PC as well.
thisismyaccount   395d ago | Trolling | show
Mainsqueeze  +   395d ago
The reasonable explanation is those games just straight up suck...you act like their is some kind of conspiracy going on, and all of these big publications are afraid of Sony being successful. You realize that most of the people giving these games mediocre review scores, and making up these "incessant rumours of defective PS4's" are the same people who have been praising Sony since they dominated the XB1 at E3 this year. I have played Knack btw and it was the definition of mediocre. You say all I have is negatives, well at least I'm not ignorant enough to completely ignore the negatives because i'm aligned to some company or piece of plastic. And I could also care less about how many stars the damn thing has on Amazon lol idk even know where something like that would come from. Ill prob even get a PS4 when good games come out on it, but right now it would be worthless. Good day and have fun playing Knack.
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Dragonborn312  +   396d ago
I would just like to say that when I saif that everyone should play Dead Rising 3, it is just me exherting my excitement for the game. Obviously play it if you want to, don't if you don't want to. To each their own. I am just super pumped for this game. Killing all those zombies is going to be so much fun!
HardcoreGamer  +   396d ago
YESYES YES,, i knew it was gonna be 9 OUT OF 10
Gamer1982  +   396d ago
"It also struggles at times to maintain a consistent framerate, which is surprising, given the supposed processing heft of the Xbox One."

Confirmed. By the biggest Xbox fansite around aswell. That's pretty damning if Kotaku mention it.. I love DR games and I still hold out hope this one hits PC eventually especially after hearing the game has parts where it constantly drops below 30fps and becomes unplayable.

Its a real shame as it looks great and so much fun but is held back by trying to be a level above what the xbox one can do at this very moment in time.
DrJones  +   396d ago
A patch will fix it.
Soldierone  +   396d ago
IGN must be a close second with its "All PS4's are breaking!!!!" articles followed up with a giant "we are sponsored by Xbox One" ads.....
frostypants  +   396d ago
Sounds like it has the same issue that Deus Ex: Human Revolution had...stupid boss battles that add nothing to the game and actually detract from it. Also, there's nothing worse than bad humor. What were they thinking? Offensive-yet-funny is one thing, but lazy humor is another.

It does look super fun otherwise, though I gotta say...and this'll come off as trollish, but whatever...it looks like a current-gen game.
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malokevi  +   396d ago
name a current gen game that does as much as DR3 does, and still looks as great as it does.
MazzingerZ  +   396d ago
I saw some pretty awesome things in Halo ODST Horde mode and Resistance 2 co-op...haven't really seen any like that on DR3, just my opinion
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Azmatik  +   396d ago
Warframe is free to play on ps4 holds 1080p 60fps with tooooons of enemys on screen while playing 4 player co-op lots of gun fire going on not just zombies that literally do nothing atleast the enemys have guns n shoot back in warframe so on a technical point dr3 does nothing what cause theres hundreds of zombies on screen that just stand there and do nothing the games good? I can see zombie killing geting very old very fast
SirBradders  +   396d ago
@Azmatik i gotta agree with you there although i havn't played it on ps4 yet, but if it is 60fps 1080p then yeah warframe has alot going on especially all the skills, effects etc... and then you have 3 seperate factions all with there own form of attack/weapons. Its fun and free.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   396d ago
The highest rated AAA exclusive right now is on the XBOX ONE... Rating better than Killzone.
SirBradders  +   396d ago
Highest rated to what like a few hundred review sites people need to stop being sheep and determine their own scores. I don't think the world understands the concept of the media and money, let me explain.

The world revolves around money and money fuels media. The more money the media get the more companies get better credentials.
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AbortMission   396d ago | Trolling | show
sckipt  +   396d ago
Id rather have certain to play uncharted then play this

HardcoreGamer  +   395d ago
they should of said in the review, if you didnt like other dead rising games, then to avoid dr3,

because after acouple of hours, or almost 3, i got bored of dr2, and i gave up. on it.

it was ok the next session in coop, but it was like dynasty warriors to me.

dr3 looks good with all them zombies, but i know this isnt for me
tagan8tr  +   395d ago
The game review industry is a worthless endeavor at this point they skew reviews to further the interest of the journalist or the employer of said journalist. Also these creditable reviewers know that an industry that has multiple consoles is beneficial to them and their careers sooooo.....
JsonHenry  +   396d ago
This game is the biggest reason I want a launch X1.
cleft5  +   396d ago
I expect great things from this game, essentially it is the main launch game for the Xbox One. Unless you are a big racing person and then you have Forza 5 which looks great.
OlgerO  +   396d ago
The game is currently at a 7.7 on metacritic but it does look like the xbox one game to get
caffman  +   395d ago
or live in the UK and have both for the same price
Crazay  +   396d ago
same here. if only more of my friends were as jacked up for this game as I am.
Dragonborn312  +   396d ago
I am in the same boat. Most of my friends who are getting aj xbox one are getting it not at launch, so I am going to habe to wait to play the coop mode with my close friends. I do not really have many friends who are as into console gaming as me.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   396d ago
Well you guys feel free to hit me up on friday for some DR3 fun. XBL: chr0ma

Going to be some fun zombie slaying!
TheFutureIsBlue  +   396d ago
I would buy this just for the co op alone. It looks fun as hell.
SquidBuck  +   396d ago
Not saying it's a bad game, I'm just sick of zombies!
zerogotit  +   396d ago
Sick of zombies? You must love vampires.
SquidBuck  +   396d ago
Nah vampires are worse
neoandrew  +   396d ago
Hybrids then?
Crazay  +   396d ago
Sparkly Vampires?
JohnnyTower  +   396d ago
Im still waiting for Mummies to make a comeback.
Conzul  +   396d ago
Wow. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen OR heard of mummies in years.
tagan8tr  +   395d ago
Mummies are just really old Zombies lol
Idba  +   396d ago | Well said
"It also struggles at times to maintain a consistent framerate, which is surprising, given the supposed processing heft of the Xbox One. "

Only a little mention about the fps, while the PS4 reviews get teared apart for everything.

wow, just wow
XxGOWxX  +   396d ago
To be fair they have said this game is a 20-30 fps game. its not claiming to be a constant 30 or 60 fps game like some are on ps4
jackdaddy  +   396d ago
20fps lmao
Caffo01  +   396d ago
wait, so now reviews are based on what was said about the game before release? if a dev tells everyone that his game runs at 60fps and then runs at 45 to 60fps you detract more points from your review score than a game that is confirmed to run 20-30fps and reaches that goal? 45-60fps is still a lot better than 20-30, so why should anyone detract less point for a 20-30fps game?

It's like saying (not referred to DR3, but to your logic) "my game sucks, don't be harsh, i said it from the beginning" and receive forgiving scores only because no one expected a better game..
#4.1.2 (Edited 396d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
XxGOWxX  +   396d ago

My logic makes perfect sense. The Devs have said its a low frame rate game. Which it is. they havent over sold it therefore you cant have a go at them about it. You can say well that isnt very good and they would agree, constant 30 or 60 would have been better.

Idba is saying PS4 games are getting bad reviews because of their frame rate drops. The ps4 games are claiming constant 30 or 60 fps which some arent doing therefore they get harsher reviews because they have basically lied about the performance.

If the reviews have a section for good framerate DR3 wouldnt get a good score and the ps4 games would get higher. If they have a section for Devs claims about the game, DR3 would get full marks and some PS4 games wouldnt.
Caffo01  +   395d ago
First party devs on ps4 never said anything about constant 60fps, killzone was said to run at constant 30fps on singleplayer and it is, and 30 to 60 fps on multi and it is. Resogun and knack devs never lied on fps either. Don't know about third party devs.

But low frame rate on a game should mean locked at a minimum of 30fps for next gen. 20 fps shouldn't be allowed, they could have spent more time optimizing the game and not rushing it to meet launch, reviewers should detract lot of points for this. But that's just my opinion.
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GearSkiN  +   396d ago
Not the same thing buddy, so how can you really apply that?
Idba  +   396d ago
FPS can make or break a game, dont act like fps doesnt matter anymore
Concertoine  +   396d ago
Well the problem with knack and shadowfall is at their core they arent very interesting games. Dead rising is a really zany, goofy game with unique gameplay. Knack is unique but it doesnt have much depth.
And fps can only break a game when it hinders the game... no one seems to think it does.
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strickers  +   396d ago
Both Eurogamer and Rev3 say its worst in the series. I thought 2 was boring shit .
Concertoine  +   396d ago
I think shadowfall will be the perfect dark zero of this gen. When its out it has few detractors and decent reviews, 6 years from now it is unanimously considered a disapointment.
I live 2, didnt like 3, and havent played shadowfall but it looks pretty uninteresting to me.
MidnytRain  +   396d ago
Would you feel better if they added more about the frame rate? Would your jimmies feel less rustled?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   396d ago
I thought Capcom said they will release a day one patch to address the framerate? Maybe I heard wrong but that could be why they aren't harping on the FPS as much.
Serjikal_Strike  +   396d ago
Where are the Ryse reviews?
Off topic, I know
JsonHenry  +   396d ago
I've got a feeling Ryse isn't going to review very well.. which is why we have not seen any yet.
Mystogan  +   396d ago
Ryse and Forza embargoes are lifted later.. No conspiracy theory here..
kewlkat007  +   396d ago
Lol...."I got a feeling"..reach much

Microsoft stated they were doing staggered reviews unlike sony which did most in one day...
#5.1.2 (Edited 396d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
frostypants  +   396d ago
@Mystogan, review embargoes until just before a game (or movie) launches are traditionally to hide anticipated negative opinions. I don't assume it applies here, because Forza I am sure will be awesome...but Ryse has had a lot of troubling press. When a demo session gets panned, thats a bad sign.
JsonHenry  +   396d ago
When I say I got a feeling I mean from the people I've know that have played the demo at game shows and the other media out there that has talked about it their opinions of it are not very high.

I am hoping the game is awesome. But I'm not gonna hold my breath on it.
lifeisgamesok  +   396d ago
They are saving the best for last :)
GearSkiN  +   396d ago
Ryse and Forza, Wednesday
torchic  +   396d ago
I heard Forza + Hardware reviews are up tomorrow, Ryse is definitely on Thursday from what I'm reading on twitter.
#5.2.1 (Edited 396d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
torchic  +   396d ago
embargoed til Thursday.

Dead Rising was always going to get 7/10 or 8/10 the real question was Ryse.
Bigpappy  +   396d ago
You are right. They seem to know that is what we are really waiting on
alb1899   396d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
finbars75  +   396d ago
The only problem I have been hearing that concerns me is frame rate problems, major texture pop ups, shitty story, linear compared to the other Dead Rising and gets repetitive easily. So how can you recommend a game that consist of all these problems is beyond me. The only thing every review has said said was that it was fun? I know fun is fun but repetitive is never good. To me there are way more negatives then positives so I would pass on this one for sure.On the other hand Killer Instinct looks great im glad that its getting well deserved reviews.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   396d ago
How can it be more linear when the game is now open world? You've never been able to do so much non-linear ever in the franchise. Just stick to the free roam non timed stuff if you don't want linear.
SHExLOOKEDx18  +   396d ago
"repetitive is never good"

yet you praise killer instinct? Don't get me wrong I cant wait to get that game either but that game is VERY repetitive but still really fun.
mochachino  +   396d ago
The only launch games I'm interested in on either console are third party.
classic19  +   396d ago
your right about that. third party best stuff at the moment
Lboogieskells  +   396d ago
All fanboy Sh!t aside I'm happy this game is getting good reviews, Capcom needs a Win in a bad way.
Mills93  +   396d ago
I want Capcom to get back to being great
Dragonborn312  +   396d ago
Nice tweet by Ryan McCaffrey of IGN: "Quick 2 cents on Dead Rising 3: I played a couple hours of co-op w/@nowheredan during his review, & I want to play a LOT more co-op." Sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun!
FANTA1180  +   396d ago
this game is pretty awesome.

glad i reserved it.
Drithe  +   396d ago
Fudge Kotaku. IT is a waste of a site.
esemce  +   396d ago
Knowing Capcom this game will be on other platforms in the future so I will get it on PC and play it at 1080p@60fps and not 720p@16fps.
classic19  +   396d ago
yea, DR games are boring, they need to make the zombies full sprint, like world war Z. yall can keep ya 720p 20 frams poop:)
johny5  +   396d ago
Then get Dying Light!!!
classic19  +   396d ago
i want to but, i don't want it in first person view. i was watching some gameplay of DR and was just boring and couldn't keep 30 per second, it mostly stayed at 20 frams. i hate when ppl be like it was a port from 360, well so was assassin creed lol. x1 is weak, if that cloud don't work then yea. i just want 1080p gms this gen. my samsung want to be on full pixel lol.
kewlkat007  +   396d ago
Great this will be good co-op game warm all winter. .besides KI..and Ryse
jaymart2k  +   396d ago
I still say Need For Speed is the good surprised launch title.

Do yourself a favor & buy Rivals. I say it's EA's best racer since Burnout Paradise City.
Psychotica  +   396d ago
Makes me think of Saints Row over the top stuff..no thanks.
AutoCad  +   396d ago
Awesome , only couple days more for the greatest launch line up.
Evo21  +   396d ago
720p 30fps ...
Mills93  +   396d ago
+ Fun gameplay
esemce  +   396d ago
Not even a solid 30fps, drops to 16fps and mostly is between 24fps and 28fps.

Looks fun still but that's just sad for nextgen like NFSr locked at 30fps.
bcrazy18  +   396d ago
Every game is designed differently. Sometimes a game is better even at a lower fps. That's doesn't make it less next gen. As long as the game is fun and brings something different to the table then it is truly next gen. Please stop all of this stupid console war shit...
annus  +   396d ago
If you're bitching about framerate and resolution I hope you are gaming on PC.

Also, wasn't it console fanboys that were all saying "it's about gameplay not graphics" a few months ago whenever a PC gamer would come into a conversation? What changed?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   396d ago
Day one. I will be killing zombies and fighting in the Arena in Ryse this Friday! Woot!
Popoffboy187718  +   396d ago
Can't we all agree that no matter the scores of (DR3-kI) looks a little better than last GEN?.... I mean these games are not even 1080P for crying out loud. Gameplay looks cool, but we already have games with better gameplay now on the same visual scale. This suppose to be next gen wow me with the new tech......
D0UbleF_  +   396d ago
"It also struggles at times to maintain a consistent framerate, which is surprising, given the supposed processing heft of the Xbox One."
Shellcase  +   396d ago
XBOX one launch is better than PS4 I see
Loki86  +   396d ago
EDGE and Destructoid confirmed when you download the day one patch it is constant 30 FPS. Seems many reviewers didn't get the patch before reviewing the game thus the issues.
johny5  +   396d ago
There's only one Zombie game I'm remotely interested in and it comes out next year....
Dying Light!
pop-voxuli  +   396d ago
And the score is????
FanboyKilla  +   396d ago
lmao at you ps4 ownerrs. you should be playing ps4, if it turned on. not reading reviews of games on a system you're not getting. give it up next gen awaits Nov.22. congrats to all you will be xbo owners. ps4 owners lmao at you. but have fun too.
jessupj  +   396d ago
Sorry to everyone else, but I can't resist feeding the troll.

Hey fanboykilla *clears throat* enjoy you inferior multiplats aherrrr durrrrrp.
SnotyTheRocket  +   396d ago
inFamous Second Son comes out Q1 2014...... That is all.
Atomicjuicer  +   396d ago
Too many zombie games.

KZ all the way!
annus  +   396d ago
Yep, way more zombie games than first person shooters, am I right?!!!
busytoad  +   396d ago
"It also struggles at times to maintain a consistent framerate, which is surprising, given the supposed processing heft of the Xbox One. "

thank god i choose ps4 woot.
shadyiswin  +   396d ago
shocking sony fanboys are mad xbox one launch line up is getting better reviews,is it so hard to be killzone and knack? i mean seriously you know those were two so so titles,everyone knows the ps4 was not a day 1 console,you have to wait for a patch to do everything lol,cant even listen to music yet or watch 3D blurays (the only reason i got a ps3) so yes it appears microsoft has followed up on there e3 message message which was games games games and sony well....infamous is coming in march!.....but so is titanfall lol. Uncharted 4 is coming holiday of 2014...but so is halo 5 lol,keep up the great work microsoft! :D
SolidLatino  +   395d ago
You're about retarded aren't you
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