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Welcome to the beautiful city of Los Perdidos! Now strip down to your underpants and smack some zombies in the face with a traffic cone.

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TheLyonKing1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

It looks like a fun game but I can see where gamespot are coming from with this.

and before anyone says what a terrible score. 7/10 is not a bad score so don't start moaning at them.

malokevi1485d ago

Main takeaway: it's fun! That's what I was hoping for. 7/10 is by no means a bad review.

obliteratorFTW1485d ago

So does this means kz is actually good. I am asking because the other day kz was being bashed for scoring 7s.

malokevi1485d ago

I hope so, as I'll be getting it. I hear the campaign is a dreck, but the multiplayer is fun, which is where I spend my time.

Personally, I never dished on any of the KZ reviews. I want KZ to be good. So don't overgeneralize. Of course people will say a 7 is bad for KZ, just like people this morning have been saying an 8.4 is bad for Killer Instinct.

Welcome to the internet, where nobody cares.

Computersaysno1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

A delightfully silly game
Clever weapon combinations
Plenty of things to discover

Poor technical performance
Not enough variety in the missions
Los Perdidos isn't as memorable as Willamette
mall or Fortune City

Looks interesting. 'Poor technical performance' isn't the best of news for a next gen console I must say though.

It might be worth picking up down the line if it gets patches but I'm not buying the console for this particular game.

NewMonday1485d ago

I'm not judging any game today, only those who plan on getting the XB1 should care, but after the all trolling the last few days only constant 9s would have saved today's game reviews from payback comments

what goes around comes around

PoSTedUP1485d ago

looks like X1 is going to have a fair launch as well. that would be pretty pathetic if it didnt.

XabiDaChosenOne1485d ago

Thats funny because just in another article you claimed that it has "yet to be seen" whether the PS4 can deliver a good gaming experince but now that An Xbox game is getting similar scores you have changed your tune? Interesting.

malokevi1485d ago

"Thats funny because just in another article you claimed that it has "yet to be seen" whether the PS4 can deliver a good gaming experince but now that An Xbox game is getting similar scores you have changed your tune? Interesting. "

care to elaborate on your... eherm... logic?

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StraightPath1485d ago

anything better then knack.

Game-ur1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Apparently not Crimson Dragon and Lococycle

georgenancy1485d ago

resogun is better than almost all xbone exclusives so far according to reviews,so what's your point?

guitarded771485d ago

Have you played Knack, or do you just sit around looking for low scores to Sony games so you can feel better about yourself?

Well, I know you haven't played Knack, so it's the second option. But that puzzles me. How does a low review score for a Sony game make you feel better about yourself? Do you have such low self worth that you identify with a company so that you can have achievement in life?

This is a very sad scenario. Even sadder than the half-assed reviews of Knack. Regardless of what some reviewers may think of Knack, I think it's pretty fun. It's not a 10, but it's certainly not a 5 either. You should play it without the green tinted goggles. You may like it.

GuruMeditation1485d ago

Correct, a 7 is a pretty good score and this looks to be a fun game overall, much like it's predecessors. Wish I could play it on ps4, but will probably be an early purchase for me when I get an x1. Good stuff.

Denethor_II1485d ago

Ryse should be interesting, lol.

x5exotic1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Hahahahahah dat xbox launch



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king_george1485d ago

Why do people feel the need to bring up another game in a completely different genre and console in order to make themselves feel better? Because thats what it looks like you are doing. Please dont bring another game into this review because its a dead rising 3 review. C'mon now..

GuruMeditation1485d ago

Spandex is better than forklifts. See, I can do it too? Do I get a balloon?

Volkama1485d ago

That's bull. Forklifts are cool since Shenmue made them so.

No balloon for you, Spandex fanboy

georgenancy1485d ago

have you seen the lococycle reviews

1485d ago
Bennibop1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Similar results to kill zone then.

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