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MMGN: In really short bursts, I enjoyed button-mashing my way through the mayhem of LocoCycle. Unfortunately, the opening was enough, as LocoCycle enters reruns after the opening chapter. It’s far too repetitive, looks horrible for an Xbox One pioneer and there’s nothing remotely next-gen about it. Meanwhile, the quirky story escalates well beyond charmingly hilarious and enters ridiculously awkward territory. At best, LocoCycle is a five minute filler game, but even then, it’s only really worth it for achievement hunters or a few minutes of extreme button mashing combos.

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Eonjay1854d ago

I really don't understand why we bother with these reviews anymore - none of them are consistent. Gaming sites should explain, in plain text, what qualifies a 10 and what qualifies a 5. It seems like some of these scores are produced by a random number generator.

sincitysir11854d ago

U have 2 knacks crimson dragon

lifeisgamesok1854d ago

Maybe. I'd play Crimson Dragon over Divekick though