EGM Review: Dead Rising 3

EGM - "I say that because, since the game was first announced at E3, the studio has been touting it as a significant departure for the franchise, a take on the zombie apocalypse that was grittier, scarier, and somewhat less comedic."

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DiRtY1827d ago

I don't care about reviews, but Dead Rising is always fun.

Godmars2901827d ago

What the hell is wrong with an 8/10?

DiRtY1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Nothing at all, I just said I don't care about reviews.

Ninja Blade was great fun for me and it is at 6/10 on meta. Highly recommend it.


I have this one on preorder.

lifeisgamesok1827d ago

Great and already paid for :)

Dragonborn3121827d ago

I am so excited to get this!

come_bom1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Yep, i suspected this game would get a lot of 8's, some 7's and some 9's. It just didn't look like a 10 quality game. Good score never the less and it looks like a fun game.

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