Lessons From The PlayStation 4 Launch That Microsoft Can Learn

The launch of the PlayStation 4 is behind us, and for the most part it went off without any major catastrophes. Some people are reporting issues, and others are having trouble signing into the PlayStation Network to update their consoles, but the majority of PlayStation 4 early adopters are working on their Resogun high scores, or taking on the Helghast in Killzone.

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Eonjay1772d ago


How do you takeout the final boss?!!!!?
Sorry I had to get that out. My high score is 1.8 million.... I know not so good. I working on it though.

Anyway on topic: "Updating outside of the network" <- thats huge and Microsoft should definitely do this.

Sarcasm1772d ago

Boost is your friend to take out the last boss. You have to be a little clever with it.

Wikkid6661772d ago

They have always done updates off network, so I don't see why they wouldn't continue.

Dragonborn3121772d ago

The value of competition. Competition means both companies thrive to improve and stay effective.

MasterCornholio1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

To have a zero percent failure rate because one dead console causes a hurracain of bad news.

On a more serious note the best thing they can learn from Sonys launch is not to have any issues with Xbox Live and have a pretty stable firmware for the console.

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