Sony: PS4's Head Start on Xbox One Doesn't Matter

"The week helps, but Sony understands that winning this console war has little to do with the PS4's head start on the Xbox One."

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allformats1854d ago

They didn't say it didn't matter. The said in the scheme of things, it's the end result that dictates success, not only a successful launch.

Your title is misleading.

JokesOnYou1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

No the title is based on exactly what he said:

"I don’t think the week matters much. In the longer term it’s about the proposition,” Koller told Games Beat."

-This is a usual problem for you allformats, you consistently don't read and make very inaccurate statements.

-As for his statement although I dont agree with his overall views on both platforms, the point this sony exec is trying to make about the 1st week not mattering is correct because obviously both have at least 10's of millions of hardcore fans who are going to buy the system, but it is the "proposition"(games & entertainment value) that is going to sell both consoles to the masses beyond launch(launch window) however both are going to sell out as many as they can produce.

abzdine1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

first week does matter to have a good base to start, but from now only games and content matter, just ask Microsoft if they wouldn't like to sell a million consoles in first 24hours.

1 million sales in first 24h is HUGE, how can that not matter

JokesOnYou1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

abzdine, you are correct, that's why I put it into context that he is talking longterm because you could sell 2 mil in the first week (hardcore fanbase) and then stall, but it's the weeks and months ahead that are truly important because what you want is consistent healthy sales that demonstrate the masses/avg joe gamer has brought in. Nevertheless 1 mil in the first 24hrs is f-ing amazing=sold out.

abzdine1854d ago

PS4 is also coming to so many countries of the world in 2 weeks while x1 is completly skipping them this year.
i am afraid if PS4 sells TOO much during first 3-4 months before x1 comes out will mean no competition.

Magicite1854d ago

PS4 will crush X1 together with jokes and his walls of text :D

JokesOnYou1854d ago

uhm no it doesn't matter how many different countries micro isn't foolish, they are purposely skipping countries who don't buy much xbox products, and putting more stock in countries that do until demand and supply even are foolish if you actually believe X1 isn't going to sell well, may not as much as ps4 in the early months but they will sell plenty X1's.

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XB1_PS41854d ago

If anything, the title should add "much" to the end. It's a suitable title for what was said.

Idba1854d ago

Doesnt matter because its still going to outsell xbone.

Funantic11854d ago

It definitely doesn't matter if the launch doesn't go well as far as product reviews.

Modi19841854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

between X360 and PS3 a f**king year .. then PS3 catch up

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The story is too old to be commented.