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"Cops and racers collide in the first next-gen driving game. Are open world battles enough of a tune-up?"

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1792d ago
Retroman1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

are open world racing big enough for tune-ups??

no, they need to go back to circuit tracks and close track racing. they had 2 already that flopped CRITERIONS HOTPURSUIT and MOSTWANTED both those open world games flopped big time hate to see RIVAL be 3rd in line.if rival dont sell hot then it is time go back to the original formula that work.
UNDERGROUND 3 would be for tune-up's customization,paint,tires
onlyy thing Underground 3 would need is cops and instant reply.

flappersack1792d ago

Flopped big time? How did Hot Pursuit flop considering it sold 8 MILLION COPIES and is the highest rated console NFS on Gamerankings and Metacritic?

Retroman1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

if i remember correctly Alex ward of criterion games admit hotpursuit and mostwanted could have been better. sales was low and decided to stop making NFS titles that is why ghost games have it now. 8 million copies are low compare to 18-20 million sold
copies from blackbox studios back in 2002-3 HOTPURSUIT 2 AND UNDERGROUND Metacritic rating.

mercyless91792d ago

im gonna pass on this one

holeshot19821792d ago

I got the game yesterday, and there's 2 things that bug me, which sadly is their biggest marketing ads.... Can't stand the SP/MP being combined all the time like that, kind of a pain when I'm trying to play the game yet some idiot decides he wants to mess with me instead... And as a racer, the cops are ALWAYS on you, again, makes it hard to get to the races or just cruise and check out the map.... Really wish they would make another one like NFS 1, 2, & 3!